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Creative visions are typical in arts complexes and specialised engineering skills are required to make these a reality. Our ability to innovate and meet challenging briefs is evident in the pedigree of our projects stretching across Australia, the UK, Europe, and New Zealand.

Public buildings and arts facilities typically require unique levels of useability and our multi-disciplinary approach ensures that client requirements are fulfilled.

Attention to detail in mechanical services will facilitate humidity and temperature requirements of museums and galleries, and comfort and flexibility for public buildings.

Our ability to innovate and meet challenging briefs helps to set us apart from our competitors. Our design and documentation skills in building security are regularly employed by the arts sector. Refurbishing heritage facilities is a core skill of NDY.

We ensure core services (such as mechanical, electrical, security, communications and vertical transportation) are implemented in ways that allow facilities to maintain the flexibility needed in modern arts complexes. Our communications experience is regularly utilised and our expertise in energy efficient lighting helps to safely illuminate displays.

NDY is at the forefront of transforming the infrastructure of public buildings, galleries and museums to support the latest technology and interactive exhibits. Our process is aligned to the development of highly scalable infrastructure to meet the needs of large visitor numbers.

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