Mining & Resources

NDY specialist teams provide a range of support services for the mining sector underpinned by a clear understanding of our clients’ requirements.

NDY’s engineering advice includes experience with the infrastructure sector and an ability to provide solutions in areas such as non-process infrastructure, services infrastructure and reticulation and support of package plant and modular building solutions.

By providing fully federated 3D models, NDY can highlight coordination and constructability prior to onsite construction activities commence, thereby saving time and money during construction phase activities.

A recent example allowed our client to fully interrogate the model and solve coordination between various design packages allowing for desktop design solutions rather than costly remote on site coordination and resolution. The same client also used the 3D model to achieve operational solutions and induction to employees prior to going to the remote site.

In addition to providing solutions to mining and resource sector site infrastructure, NDY provides expertise on associated facilities such as water treatment, harvesting, reuse and efficiency opportunities. With the incumbent high cost of energy inputs, NDY provides energy efficient designs to reduce operating costs for mine operators. NDY also have proven and demonstrated abilities in designing heavy machinery maintenance facilities. We understand that workflow and provisioning arrangements are critical for effective round-the-clock operation. Our experience in providing site water balance solutions has enabled us to provide solutions with lower operational costs whilst providing a significant boost to the environmental credentials of our clients.

Our extensive experience in isolated infrastructure such as heavy power, wide area communication and rail provides us with the ability to provide engineering support from pit to port. We utilise the extensive experience and capabilities of our rail company NDYLTK to provide coordinated design solutions.

We have extensive experience providing services to remote locations such as an operations control centre for the Pilbara rail network. This has reinforced our global reputation to provide highly dependable engineering services to the mining & resources sector.


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