Hotels are one of the most significant multi-use facilities. The convergence of entertainment, luxury, relaxation, catering, conferencing and work all within the one complex requires a deep understanding of interconnected systems.

We’ve worked on some of the world’s most iconic hotels, from the Ritz Carlton in Dubai and the Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi, to the Shangri La Hotel in Vancouver and the Crown Hotel in Melbourne.

On these, and numerous other Hotels projects, we’ve worked with leading hoteliers to design clever technology and security solutions, whilst also delivering the essential engineering building services.

These clients understand that sustainable tourism is compatible with high levels of service, and recognise that sustainable buildings can deliver spectacular results – from reduced operating costs and higher profit margins, to improved staff productivity and return guests.

Our team has extensive experience delivering a wide range of projects, and can help hotel operators to achieve significant financial savings by addressing building operations issues – from energy and emissions minimisation to water conservation, and from waste management to noise reduction.

We create high-quality indoor environments using sustainable design and smart technology, to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of both guests and staff.

And we identify and capture operational efficiencies so that hotels spend less money on energy and water costs – leaving more money to spend on creating a memorable brand experience for customers.

The stunning architectural lighting fitouts by NDYLIGHT at City of Dreams in Macau and the Hilton Hotel in Prague, are examples of enhancing the visitor experience.

Our work also extends to refurbishing historic and heritage hotels and ensures a sensitive approach to respecting the original design intent whilst maintaining continuous operation through staged planning.

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