Commissioning Management

Commissioning management is the process of ensuring that all systems and components of a building are designed, installed and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner.

The importance of commissioning management cannot be underestimated. Despite this, it is not always carried out as effectively as it should be. NDY works with clients to help them better understand their building system requirements.

NDY has significant experience in acting as commissioning managers. We understand that improving a building’s performance by saving energy and water can significantly reduce operational costs and we are well-placed to ensure that these savings are made.

Improving energy efficiency also reduces carbon emissions. Our experience in delivering buildings with high environmental ratings and other ecologically sustainable initiatives are hallmarks of our service offering.

Where possible, commissioning should be considered when a building is being designed. This helps maximise the benefits of thorough commissioning evaluations and ensures that they are incorporated from the early stages of a project’s life.

We also recognise the importance of commissioning management of pre-existing buildings. The operational efficiencies of buildings degrade over time. Commissioning pre-existing buildings helps to improve their performance, increase comfort levels and reduce operational costs.

Engineering Commissioning Services in Australia and New Zealand

NDY recognise that commissioning management skills and knowledge areessential in delivering today’s projects, and to fully realise the potentialof energy saving initiatives. The NDY Group established EngineeringCommissioning Services, dedicated to delivering the necessary focus andexpertise to this role. Engineering Commissioning Services offers servicesin Australia and New Zealand. For further information visit: