Electrical services are a crucial component of any building and NDY are well equipped to provide safe and reliable electrical solutions to a wide range of projects.

Whether it is commercial offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, data centres or any other type of building or infrastructure project, NDY has the electrical expertise to deliver an outstanding solution.

Our proven technologies ensure that our systems are well-suited to all client requirements and are capable of providing quality services for the life of an installation.

Tasks range from straightforward lighting and power layouts to sophisticated fault discrimination analysis. We provide microprocessor control of emergency power generation systems through to glare control from luminaries.

Our specialised expertise reaches across the full range of electrical service technologies.

From power quality, high voltage networks, switchboards and uninterruptible power supplies, NDY has the skills needed to do all jobs – large and small. We also have extensive experience with interior and exterior lighting, lightning protection, technical earthing, soft wiring systems and retail electricity procurement.

NDY uses sophisticated software analysis tools for the design and simulation of all generation, transmission and distribution systems.

We also provide a range of electrical reports and audits on due diligence, fault rectification, power quality and energy management.