ICT Consultancy

Our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) group provides specialist consulting and design services for a range of ICT infrastructure and systems.

Our specialist team look for opportunities to incorporate technology solutions that improves information sharing, collaboration and communication, while giving special consideration to preserving data security and integrity. At all stages of the process, the needs of the client are always kept in mind, including the timeframe, service levels, financial considerations and future-proofing.

NDY provides a range of specialty ICT consulting services, including:

NDY provides reliable communication solutions tailored to the specific needs of each industry, and the unique requirements of the client business.

A well-designed communication system allows information to be distributed efficiently and consistently between parties that need it, without being lost in a sea of data.

Particular attention is paid to data distribution pathways across all channels, avoiding communication “dead zones”, such as workspaces with poor Wi-Fi access, overloaded telephony systems or areas where public announcement systems cannot be heard.

The needs and challenges of the particular industry are always kept at the forefront of the design. For example, a hospital may require a nurse call system that alerts the nearest nurse, regardless of where they may be in the building, without disturbing the rest of the patients. Designing solutions that meet these types of requirements, while being usable and robust is central to NDY’s approach to ICT.

We strive to identify opportunities, assess the potential technological solutions, and provide a well-documented design for systems that deliver reliability and value.

Physical security is an early consideration in modern building design. Providing convenient access to authorised parties, while effectively hindering unauthorised access, requires careful planning and a keen eye for potential vulnerabilities of a security system.

Security risk assessments also form an integral part of the approach NDY takes when designing and implementing a security solution. By identifying major risks, solutions are tailored to address these specific vulnerabilities, both in the short- and long-term.

NDY security consultants can design an integrated physical and electronic security system, along with a plan to manage and audit its effectiveness. This ensures that the technology and processes in place can continue to adapt to changes in the physical and technological environments.

NDY have accredited SCEC endorsed security zone consultants with experience working within governmental Protective Security Policy Frameworks (PSPF), and providing security solutions to private and public sector spaces including:

  • Design, acceptance testing and commissioning of Type 1(A) alarm systems, and
  • Design and construction of security zones and areas defined in ASIO Technical Notes.

There is a lot more to Audio Visual than just placement of assets. NDY have the expertise to design Audio Visual solutions that fulfils the defined scope and required capabilities and operational needs.

NDY can undertake modelling to illustrate how sound will pass through proposed spaces, resulting in a quantifiable picture of how a proposed solution will function in the real world, before a single speaker is installed.

Accurately predicting how sound will behave in a space makes it easier to determine the equipment needed, before a single unit is purchased.

This optimises the effectiveness of all Audio Visual solutions, from video walls through to bespoke fitouts, integrating the Audio Visual components into the space in a functional and visually appealing way.

With the emergence of smart technology, the Internet of Things and agile work environments, the built environment has developed into a highly connected sector, driven by the needs of our clients and their stakeholders.

The convergence of Information Technology and the built environment has improved the operation and capabilities of buildings, but has also lead to increased vulnerabilities and attack vectors not previously encountered within critical infrastructure environments.

As an engineering consultancy, NDY can take Cyber Security into account right from the base building level. Integrating the cyber, digital and physical security approaches is vital to creating a robust security system. NDY has developed an array of cyber security service offerings to address these challenges.

  • Risk Management Services (Security by Design)
    Understanding the value and vulnerabilities of digital assets.
  • Deployment of Critical Infrastructure Cyber-Security Frameworks
    Aligning the approach to Cyber Security with industry best practices, frameworks and standards.
  • Design and implementation of security components within IoT environments
    As the Internet of Things develops and occupants require greater levels of data access, providing this convenience without creating dangerous vulnerabilities is a vital part of Cyber Security.
  • Establish Frameworks for Cyber-Physical Systems
    The convergence of Information Technology and Operational Technology has created new vulnerabilities and opened up attack vectors that did not previously exist. Understanding how this occurs and the risk involved is now a key part of protecting sensitive data.
  • Cloud Architecture & Advisory
    Putting information “in the cloud” has become a popular and cost-effective way of operating for many businesses. Understanding how to provide an agile and secure cloud solution is a key requirement for contemporary businesses.
  • Internal Governance, Risk and Compliance
    Creating and implementing security policies that adhere to industry regulations and integrate with the wider corporate risk management framework, and creating a schedule for re-evaluating these frameworks as the cyber security landscape evolves.
  • Legal and Regulatory requirements
    The legal and regulatory requirements evolve quite rapidly in the cyber security sector. The speed of change often requires that policies are implemented quickly. Ensuring your business is compliant with all new legislation takes a specialist understanding of the cyber security sector.
  • Security Architecture & Design
    Designing best practice methodologies that focus on information security throughout the enterprise. Key sub-components, such as system integrity, system audit, information flow, access control, and credential management are addressed.
  • Security Testing & Threat Intelligence
    Evaluating and testing the for network and system vulnerabilities, assessment of application security (such as web pages), and gathering intelligence on the current cyber threat landscape.
  • Security Training
    People are a critical component to any cyber security solution. NDY can provide training to internal users of a system to ensure they understand and comply with best practice approach. Training staff on how to avoid common attack vectors (such as phishing attacks, malware, viruses and ransomware).