NDY provides engineering undergraduates with short-term work experience to help them fulfil the requirements of their academic course.

This experience will involve working in an NDY office on current projects with engineering staff for an agreed period.

These positions are available in selected offices for various periods throughout the year.

What we require from undergraduates:

We seek ambitious, passionate and professional undergraduates who communicate well and demonstrate accountability and responsibility. You should have a natural ability to develop excellent consulting skills which means you will have great listening and communication skills to complement your academic achievements.

You will demonstrate the following in your application and at interview (should you be invited to an interview):

  • Excellent and consistent academic results
  • Work experience (part time while studying)
  • Involvement in other activities (sports, clubs, interests, volunteer work)
  • Well developed communication and listening skills
  • Professional presentation

Engineering Students @ Work

NDY is a proud participant of schools program for future engineers.

Engineers Australia, Victoria Division is proud to support the Engineering Students @ Work program (ES@W), an initiative that aims to foster an interest in engineering that is achieving real results.

The program launched by AKORN Educational Services provides secondary-aged students with a realistic engineering experience.The program offers students a valuable insight into engineering through project-based exposure to working in an engineering firm, providing participants with important knowledge and inspiration prior to making their tertiary education choices.

One such student who has benefited immensely from participation in this program is Sneha Bhattachan, who had the opportunity to work with leading engineering consultancy Norman Disney & Young (NDY) in 2009. Now in her first year of university at RMIT, Sneha is studying a double degree in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science and plans to major in hydraulics, a decision she directly credits to her rewarding program experience at NDY.

“Before I went to Norman Disney & Young, I had no intention of being an engineer. One week of their time has absolutely changed my life,” Sneha said.

As well as receiving information on specific engineering disciplines including mechanical, fire, electrical and hydraulics, students who participate in the program undertake a research project which requires them to come up with novel sustainable design solutions. The real success of the program has been in exposing students to engineering and in helping to develop their professional skills.

The positive implications are twofold; the program not only benefits the participating students but represents an active and innovative attempt to redress continuing skills shortages in the engineering industry. With students presented with more diverse career options than ever before, it is important to capture their attention and promote engineering as a valuable and fulfilling pursuit.

NDY has been extremely pleased with the response to the program which now forms part of NDY’s ongoing commitment to nurturing the next generation of engineering talent.

For further information:

For more information on Engineering Students @ Work, contact an NDY local office.


Each year NDY aims to identify suitable candidates who will undertake their tertiary studies under a sponsorship agreement with NDY.

Selections are made based on the following criteria:

  • Results of secondary school and tertiary (if applicable) studies
  • Motivation for selecting engineering as a career
  • Level of ‘comfort’ with engineering in a building services environment
  • Leadership skills and potential
  • Personality
  • Character, attitude and personal presentation
  • Desire to travel as part of their career development.

This programme is available to students who have successfully completed one of two years of their engineering studies.

On completion of their studies, it is intended that the candidate will continue their career at NDY for a bonded period of two years and preferably remain as a long-term employee.

The objective of the scholarship is to develop suitable engineers who will hold key positions in NDY’s long-term future.

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