Sixty Martin Place is a PCA Premium Grade commercial development positioned in a prime location within the Sydney CBD. The development spans 33 stories and includes 40,000 m² of net lettable office and retail space, public function and civic spaces, end-of-trip facilities and rooftop terraces.

NDY was engaged to provide a 75% Design & Construct (D&C) deliverable and ongoing peer review responsibility throughout the design finalisation and construction phases, for mechanical, electrical, communications, security, vertical transportation, building management controls and building technology integration services.

Sustainability, flexibility, resilience, and quality are key focuses in the design and vision for this development that sets a new benchmark in the Australian commercial property market and offers enhanced benefits to tenants and public users alike. The building has achieved a WELL Core & Shell Certification at the Platinum level and a 6 Star Green Star Office As-Built Rating and is on target to achieve a 5 Star NABERS Energy Rating as a result of a number of engineering initiatives including carbon filtration, floor by floor facade intake louvres for tenant air intake and discharge, cogeneration plant, PV system, building metering system, efficient lighting with low glare and high CRI, and a high performing facade with automated blinds.

This development raises the bar for beyond-premium facilities that offer enhanced tenant flexibility, technology future proofing and sustainability initiatives. Some of the standout features include:

  • The fully integrated and centralised building wide Integrated Systems Platform (ISP) providing a common platform for facilities management personnel and tenants to access information from building systems, including monitoring and trending equipment performance, scheduling workflows, and controlling and configuring system parameters. The data available from this system enables the energy efficiency and performance of building systems to be monitored and optimised over the lifecycle of the asset, and in turn offers environmental and cost benefits.
  • The Integrated Communications Network (ICN) acts as a communication backbone throughout the building that enables the integration of all individual sub-systems on the ISP and facilitates smart building capabilities.
  • Flexibility in the services provisions to accommodate varying tenant requirements including floor subdivisions and reduction to the extent of infrastructure upgrades required as part of tenancy fitouts and building churn. This flexibility includes accommodation of requests for additional power and condenser water and an energy efficient hybrid active chilled beam/VAV air conditioning solution, without major base building infrastructure upgrades. This has proved to be an economic advantage to both the tenants and building owner alike.
  • 100% standby generator backup for house and tenant loads and redundancy in the tenant supplementary cooling provisions, which are above premium grade offerings and provide a greater level of resilience to attract high end tenants and support their critical business operations.
  • A flexible distributed automatic transfer switching power solution provides greater tenant and house amenity by allowing the generator supply to individual floors and loads to be separately controlled and prioritised. This solution enables continuity of supply to the building via the standby generator system during routine maintenance of main switchboards and avoids the need for building shutdowns.
  • The Net Lettable Area lighting solution consists of LED linear lighting and services channels in lieu of the standard troffer layout to provide a more uniform and uncluttered ceiling solution.
  • Alternative power generation sources are installed, including photovoltaic panels and a 200kW cogeneration plant to generate power and hot water.
  • Air conditioning supply air systems which provide ventilation at a rate in excess of code requirements, with the opportunity for energy efficient “free cooling” when ambient conditions are favourable.

Delivering excellence, the Sixty Martin Place electrical infrastructure has been configured to allow the building management team to utilise the Emergency Power Generation system (EPG) to back up any individual floor in a grid power outage or equipment failure scenario. This feature also allows all required maintenance for electrical infrastructure including annual testing of Main Switch Boards to be carried out without disruption to their prestigious tenants.

To further provide uninterrupted operation for their tenants, Sixty Martin Place does not share electrical infrastructure between individual floors thus ensuring any required maintenance required by one tenant does not interrupt or disturb tenants on adjacent floors. This has addressed tenant concerns regarding security with respect to access to their floors by maintenance personnel.