The Estate Works Program (EWP) provides facilities maintenance projects on the Defence Estate. The program aims to restore or sustain facilities capability and address safety and compliance requirements.

The program also provides for minor development of minor new works projects.

Under this program, NDY has delivered works as both the lead consultant and as a subconsultant across the range of services. As a lead consultant, NDY engaged the necessary consulting team to design and deliver the project on behalf of the Project Delivery Service (PDS) provider. This arrangement allowed for an integrated design solution to the project requirements to be developed which is overseen by our National Defence Leaders. These projects required close collaboration with the sponsors and stakeholders.

A sample of projects delivered under the program include:

Non-Explosive Building

NDY were lead designer for this specialist shed with the scope including provision of roller doors, lighting, power and security.

Air Conditioning Unit Replacement Lab 24, EDN 406 and EDN 550

NDY provided the design and supervision for replacement air conditioning across multiple buildings, addressing compliance issues and with fit for purpose considerations included.

Lab 73 Power Upgrade

The project was a data centre upgrade of an existing facility to a new 1MVA data centre, with future capacity to increase to 3MVA. The scope included the design of a new power layout for Lab 73, swapping transformers, T10 and T26 connections and with installation of new generators and electrical infrastructure.

Bundled Projects EDN 497, South Gate and EDN 78

The project included construction of a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) in existing building 497 that included power, communications, lighting and sub-division of existing SCIF with a demountable wall. A new guard house and cantilever gate was also delivered for Edinburgh’s south entrance.

ADFA Fire Panel Upgrade

The project involved documenting the replacement of aging fire panel infrastructure across several buildings to address compliance and safety concerns.

Flash X Ray and Fragmented Explosion Tank, Port Wakefield

The scope included a Forward and Plate Battery survey, with provision of new conduits between pits to extend power and communications cabling as required. The project further included design of a small workshop building and water tank to filter and drain the fragmentation tank installed by DSTG.

Lab 73 Data Centre Stage 1 Upgrades

Our design considered new chillers, data hall CRACs server racks and power distribution to suit the upgrade of this cutting edge data centre.