The concept design for the Mid Life Upgrade Project is the result of the need to carry out a mid life upgrade of the services at Buildings R5 & R6 at Russell Offices to ensure the continuity of capability for its tenants.

The major tenant, DSD maintains a 24 hour, 7 days per week operation in the provision of signals intelligence and information security to the Australian Government and Australian Defence Force. A considerable amount of work was completed with the various stakeholders to establish the project scope, culminating in 36 discrete upgrade projects. The primary objectives of the project were identified as the  following:

  • To upgrade the building services of the respective buildings (R5, R6, R6 Annex and the Diesel House) to enable them to achieve a life expectancy commensurate with the building lifespans envisaged
  • To remove the interdependency of systems between buildings
  • To ensure the services design approaches for the upgrade represent value for money for Defence
  • To maintain 24/7 operational capabilities
  • To mitigate identified workplace, health and safety and security issues associated with the scope.

The project included whole-of-life analysis of engineering options, energy and thermal simulation modelling for the buildings, co-generation and tri-generation opportunity analysis and sustainability opportunity analysis. Testing, both destructive and non-destructive, was carried out to assess the condition of a number of systems and to ensure a value for money solution was provided for Defence.