At the heart of the Curtin University, Building 105, or the T.L. Robertson Library, has the distinction of being the oldest and largest building within the Bentley campus and is an important facility in the student journey, acting as a key informal learning space.

The building first opened in September 1972; however, it can no longer provide the level of amenity expected of a contemporary library. Whilst the existing facility has been enhanced through its 55 year history enabling the library to maintain relevance whilst delivery of information has evolved with technology, key infrastructure has now reached its limit both in terms of capacity and life. The refurbishment project will deliver a new lease of life to the building.

The focus of modern campus libraries has also evolved alongside technology, from a place of quiet individual learning to a collaborative activity centre. The refurbished library will act as a place for students to learn and collaborate, and in turn build a sense of community within the university whilst simultaneously acting as a research hub for this global leader in innovative education. Such activity centres are significant drawcards for potential students and differentiate the university from online offerings.

NDY has been engaged throughout the concept, schematic and detailed design phases of the project, including the provision of construction administration support and defects liability period.

To ensure the library can keep pace with the next generation of students, the key objectives for the refurbishment are as follows:

  • Replace end of life equipment with equipment that meets Building code, legislative requirements and Australian Standards whilst improving energy efficiency and enabling renewable energy sources for a sustainable future
  • Improve electrical supply integrity with flexibility to support new and existing uses
  • Provide a best practice and fit-for-purpose facility featuring flexible spaces with a student/client centric design philosophy, in turn increasing utilisation and increasing opportunities for social and recreational interaction
  • Maintain the existing facilities for use during the construction period with minimal disruption where possible
  • Reaffirm Curtin University’s commitment to a sustainable built environment by supporting the Green Star community accreditation
  • Integrate the library within the Curtin academic heart through improved activation in accordance with the University’s activation strategies
  • Incorporate the Living Library initiatives that address The Human library, The Library and Living Stream, The Evolving Library and the library as a cultural and heritage repository
  • The project contract was recently awarded to Lendlease, with NDY novated to the Contractor to provide input and advice to further refine the design and explore value management opportunities to keep within the set budget and timelines
  • Early construction works on site are expected to commence in late 2020, with the project due for completion by late 2021.