Thumbprints, eye scans and facial recognition are not coming, they’re here

Imagine walking into a coffee shop where facial recognition technology identifies you and your preferred choice of beverage. That’s exactly what’s happening at Sydney coffee shop ‘Bahista’ which uses facial recognition technology to remember customers’ orders.

The stuff only dreamt of in science fiction movies just a few years ago is now weaving its way into our everyday lives. A recent poll of 500 Australians by YouGov found over 50% of respondents were happy to use their thumbprint, retina or voice when making a payment.

This advanced technology is not only replacing passwords and pins but, according to NDY director John Kan, biometrics provide an extra layer of security and trust. But Kan says it’s not foolproof and that technology will continue to improve with measures such as 3d facial recognition.

Click above to watch the full episode from the Channel 7 program Sunrise featuring John Kan. Video courtesy of Sunrise, Channel 7.

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