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We understand the unique engineering requirements of the facilities required to produce news, information and entertainment. We also appreciate that facility resilience is key to our clients in these industries.

Our technical capabilities have been employed on some of the world’s leading theatres, film and television studios.

Our ability to plan, design and implement extensive services on TV studios, film stages, technical facilities, AV post-production suites, dubbing theatres, as well as supporting facilities such as workshops, dressing rooms, production offices, cafeterias and cinemas, was key to our involvement on the Sydney Fox Studios entertainment precinct and the 50-acre Pinewood studios set in Malaysia.

Our mechanical, electrical, communications, fire protection and energy conservation expertise is key to ensuring long-term resilience and reliability of the facility.

Our acoustics, AV, communications and security skills are particularly attractive to the operational nature of these facilities, as evidenced by our work on major facilities including Channel 7 and the ABC in Australia.

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