I am pleased to confirm these most recent appointments at Norman Disney & Young, NDYLIGHT and ECS, across all our operating regions.

Each new appointment recognises an outstanding contribution to our company. Whether through the relentless pursuit of exceptional client service, the delivery of technical excellence towards outstanding project outcomes, the securing of exciting new growth opportunities, or through broader leadership in the profession and the community, each recipient’s contributions is acknowledged and is very sincerely appreciated.

Please join me in congratulating our colleagues on these appointments.

Stuart Fowler, CEO
Norman Disney & Young [a Tetra Tech Company]


Ross Milne – Canberra

Ross joined NDY in 2016 and is responsible for the operations of the company in the ACT. He is a proven leader well known for delivering results across multiple facets of the business. Ross brings with him exceptional communications skills and an open personality which enables the formation of strong relationships with both clients and colleagues alike.

I have been very lucky to work with so many talented people across the NDY business. This appointment would not have been possible without their support. I look forward to driving the company forward in years to come.” 

Raghav Padayachi – London

After joining NDY’s Manchester office in 2008 as a Mechanical Engineer, with a focus on Sustainability in design, Ragz transferred to NDY London in 2010 into the Core Mechanical group, before assisting the launch of NDY London’s Interiors Team in 2015. Positioned as Interiors team leader between 2016-18, Ragz focussed primarily on commercial office refurbishment and fitout sectors, successfully growing the brand, client base and team year on year.

Taking a personable approach, Ragz has a proven track record as a leader, overseeing multi-disciplinary teams in delivering a positive client journey.

NDY is an extended family for me; our collaborations and connections leave a legacy – thank you to all who continue to challenge and nurture talent. From the moment I joined I was surrounded by quality, passion and drive – NDY’s people have provided a platform for growth and opportunity far exceeding expectations. It has been a remarkable journey and I continue to enjoy every minute.”

 “Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

-Dylan Thomas


Associate Director

John Boatto – Melbourne

John joined NDY in 1995 as an electrical engineer and over the past 25 years since he has worked on projects across the commercial, telecommunications, infrastructure, heritage and government sectors in our Sydney, London and Melbourne offices. He has been involved in all phases of projects, from conceptual design through to contract administration stage.

“This appointment acknowledges my work on past major projects while enabling me to help grow NDY’s business. I can now take fuller operational and financial control of my projects, helping me to deliver better service to our clients while growing my career even further.  

Michael Lewis – Sydney 

Michael joined NDY in 2007 and is currently the Mechanical Section Manager in the Sydney office. He has over 23 years of experience in the industry and has worked on a wide variety of projects in Australia, United Kingdom, UAE and Vietnam. He has vast experience across many market sectors including retail developments, commercial office buildings, industrial facilities, laboratory developments, residential developments, tenancy fitouts and production facilities through all stages of project concept, design development, tendering, site monitoring and completion.

“I’m proud to receive this recognition and would like to thank all my colleagues across the group who have supported me throughout my NDY career. I look forward to the future opportunities we have ahead of us and continuing to contribute to what makes NDY such a great place to turn to each day. 

Paul Bradbury – Perth

Paul joined NDY in 2006 and has experience in the UK and Australia markets.  Paul brings an in-depth and practical understanding to projects and has extensive experience in a wide range of market sectors including: government, retail, commercial base building and workplace, education, residential and carbon neutral developments. Paul is part of the NDY Perth Executive Team and is responsible for the leadership and performance of the Perth business including: client engagement, staff engagement, project and financial performance.

“Thanks for the positive affirmation this appointment brings. It’s appreciated. 

Renee Fourie – Perth

Renee has extensive knowledge in building services and experience in commercial consulting and industrial sector. Her experienced portfolio covers mixed use development, fit-out work, residential, sport/leisure, commercial, education, leisure centres, hotel/ restaurant/bar and industrial sectors for both local authorities and private clients.
Renee has been responsible for managing and delivering complete design services, from taking a client brief, preparing a scope to the detailed design and document production of electrical, fire, data communications and security systems.

“I’m a mother of two young girls that enjoy spending time at the beach, camping, reading and flying around beautiful Australia with my husband.
As a working mother the importance of my success is driven by my ambition to be a role model for my daughters.
I’m extremely thankful for the continuous support and growth mindset within the business which has enabled me to challenge myself and grow.
NDY’s culture of acknowledging employee’s contributions to the business along with flexible work arrangement opportunities sets its employees up for success. Our clients increasingly face more complexities; transforming and adapting to be future ready, being resilient to disruption and strengthening communities to improve standards of our growing population. I look forward to continue on the journey in creating amazing projects with a great team here in Perth.

Paul Jackson – ECS

Having entered the industry as a service engineer on HVAC plant Paul has been involved in field diagnostics and commissioning of a wide variety of building services and plants. His skillset encompasses mechanical, electrical, air-conditioning, associated control systems and BMS systems. He has been extensively involved in the commissioning and project completion field. The many projects that Paul has been involved with, have ranged from very simple minor systems serving residential or light commercial through to large central plant systems in the resource sector in many parts of the world.

Paul is now working closely with Standards Australia revising guidelines around commissioning. Paul is also involved with AIRAH and is on the board of Directors as well as chair for the recently formed Commissioning Special Technical Group.

“This Appointment was a somewhat unexpected, but welcome, surprise. My aim is to fully support the ECS team and bring some of my leadership and management skills acquired after many years in the industry. One of the keys to successful business is to help mentor and educate those around you and also learn from them as we all have many different skillsets 

Ben Castle – London

Ben is responsible for design, documentation and construction administration of hydraulic services and has worked for Norman Disney & Young (NDY) for over a decade.
He has worked on large complex projects and manages our team of hydraulic services designers. He is also NDY’s Group Technical Director for hydraulic services across its global operations
Ben operates as project leader on larger and/or more challenging projects which has included a 300,000sqft new build office development and a 100 unit residential development.

“I’m very much appreciative of this appointment. I’m grateful to be part of a supportive team and for the challenging work that we do. Looking forward to continued opportunities and an existing future. 

Senior Associate 

Sacha Gebbie – Melbourne 

Sacha is the group Revit coordinator for NDY and has over 15 years’ experience in the industry. Sacha has been involved in 3D CAD and Building Services Modelling and delivers a skill set and expertise to all projects undertaken.

“I am honoured to receive this recognition and want to thank all the supportive people I’ve been able to work with. 

Nicholas Uzubalis – Canberra

Nicholas has a wealth of experience managing and delivering secure fitouts for Government. With over a decade in the interiors industry, He has had the benefit of successfully completing projects over diverse range of sectors and has a deep understanding of the process and objectives required to deliver a highly successful product.
Providing clear concise information to stakeholders throughout the design process and having the breadth of knowledge to be able to speak for all building services enables a strong trusting relationship that ultimately enhances delivery. He takes particular pride in being approachable and reliable going above and beyond to meet the project needs.

“Throughout my years at NDY I have always felt a great deal of support from my colleagues and the company’s culture makes it an easy place to enjoy and thrive. The commitment to excellence from all staff is what sets the company apart and I thank the NDY management team for this honour and the opportunities I am provided.” 

Daniel Bryan-Curnow – Brisbane

Daniel is a driven engineer with extensive experience in cost-effective sustainable design principles. He joined NDY’s Mechanical Design team in 2012 and has strong experience in delivering major multi-disciplinary projects in a wide range of markets. Daniel’s proven experience includes extensive work in commercial office, hotel, retail, sporting and residential sectors. He also has specialist experience in healthcare, education, research, laboratory, mining, critical facility and defence sectors.

“Many thanks to the NDY family for the opportunities and adventures that have been offered to me over my time at NDY. It’s been a privilege to work out of multiple NDY offices over the last 8 years. I enjoyed excellent project, professional and personal opportunities in NDY London and I look forward to being back in the sunshine at NDY Brisbane for the next chapter. 

Crispin Jones – Wellington

Crispin is a mechanical and electrical building services project engineer, fully conversant with all aspects of mechanical and electrical coordination, design and construction of projects, estimation, tendering, programming, contract valuations, quantity surveying and final accounts.
Crispin has played a leading role on a variety of projects, which have included data centres, retail fit-outs, housing, hospitals, multi-storey buildings, military and civilian airports, fuel depots, factories, railway stations, schools and embassies.

“I am humbled to have received this recognition and would thank the Wellington team for their support. It has been a pleasure working with a great team and I look forward to the continued growth of the business and its people. 

Scott Zenko – ECS

Scott’s background is in the commissioning industry. Scott specialised in the balancing of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. He has 15 years of onsite experience working on many projects across Great Britain and Europe. He enjoys the commissioning management role which involves overseeing all aspects of commissioning.

“There are far too many people at ECS and NDY to thank for assisting me in keeping this job, never mind achieving this title. I would particularly like to thank Neil Caswell and Jeff Marchant for being leaders who have always had an open door and are always willing to listen and help. A huge thankyou to John Cassidy from ECS Brisbane for all the support and friendship given over the years working together, long may it continue. 

Neil Shaw – Auckland

Neil has been with NDY for 32 years and led the CAD and IT teams for 15 years before taking on the interiors section in 2002 and running this for the last 18 years. Neil’s strength has been consistently delivering multi-disclipline fitouts in a concise and profitable manner while expanding the team and maintaining client relationships.

“This recognition finally acknowledges the dedicated and outstanding service I have provided over the decades along with the recent assistance from my interiors team. 


Aviva Gunzburg – NDYLIGHT Melbourne 

With a background in industrial design, Aviva has developed her technical and spatial skills in the building services environment. Working as a multi-discipline design drafter for several years she developed a solid understanding about how buildings work and how services are coordinated. Aviva is passionate about lighting design, and believes that a well-designed lighting scheme will enhance architecture, provide energy efficiency and improve end user experience.

“This appointment is a testament to NDY’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. I am extremely appreciative to NDYLIGHT for helping me remove roadblocks and to NDY for embracing and acknowledging diverse strengths and talents. I am humbled to be given this honour and extremely proud of my efforts to attain it. 

Chris Olejarz – Melbourne

Chris joined Norman Disney & Young in March 2017 and is an accomplished senior hydraulic consultant with experience in building services within government and private sectors. Chris’ focus is to always deliver projects which are industry leading in aspects of environment, technology and products. His strengths come from multi-discipline experience in projects which includes an extensive mechanical services background. This experience provides him with a broader and more detailed knowledge of building services and the ability for a coordinated and innovative approach to projects and associated professionals.

“This appointment creates a feeling of belonging to the NDY family. It’s also a great way of showing recognition from the management team, who notice the contribution and dedication we make towards the success of the business and the projects we undertake for our clients. It’s truly an affirmation that NDY cares about its people and takes a real interest in helping us progress our careers and status in the company.  

Chrissy Alvarez – Melbourne

Chrissy is an Executive Assistant with over 18 years’ experience. Joining NDY in 2010, she works closely with Ben White and Michael Priest to provide high level support and assists the broader Melbourne team to manage the legal contract process. With a focus on delivering quality outcomes, her proactive and approachable style has seen her build strong lasting relationships with stakeholders on all levels.

“It’s lovely to have my contributions acknowledged by the Group Executive. As a non-technical member of the NDY team, I’m very happy that our contributions are noticed, and valued. This appointment is really an acknowledgement of how my role assists my executives, and the wider team to secure and deliver successful projects for our clients. It also demonstrates that there are real opportunities for career progression for support team members across the Group. I look forward to contributing further to the success of NDY. 

John Holdich – Melbourne

John joined Norman Disney & Young as a Project Consultant for hydraulics in 2017. John is now the Hydraulics Team Leader and has gained valuable experience through various projects in locations including the Middle East, the United Kingdom and Australia.

“For me this appointment acknowledges the value NDY places on my contribution and the recognition that hard work will be rewarded. It builds confidence that I am focusing in the right direction and, confirms for me, that the move my wife and I made to Australia 3 years ago was the right decision. I am confident in the fact that I will continue to have opportunities to develop my career by collaborating on diverse and challenging projects.  

Ashwin Muralidharan – Sydney

Ashwin joined the Sydney team as a Senior Project Engineer in the Hydraulic team in February 2019. Ashwin is a Chartered Professional Engineer with Engineers Australia and has over 10 years of experience in the industry in various roles in design and on-site project engineering. He has worked as the lead hydraulic engineer on various projects across transport, health, commercial, residential, mixed use etc. with a specific focus on assisting clients in the early concept and feasibility stages.

“I thank NDY for recognizing and appreciating the work that I have done in the past year. I am extremely grateful to the support of my colleagues which has allowed me to really push myself and deliver good outcomes for our clients. NDY has provided me with the opportunity to grow and express myself on a variety of projects. Looking forward to future challenges ahead. 

Dustin Hansen – Sydney

Dustin Hansen originates from the United States with work experience in South Korea. He has moved to Australia to pursue a career in life/safety within the Australian market. He is a professional engineer with over ten years experience in the design of process and life/safety systems for clients in various industries. He is results oriented with emphasis on client’s needs.
Dustin has extensive experience in both the petroleum industry along with the construction industry delivering on fire protection system design and implementation.

“The appointment to Associate can only be attested to the strength and support of my team and fellow colleagues. I am greatly humbled by such appreciation being shown to myself. I look forward to growing further into the role and developing alongside my team to ever more challenging projects and deliveries. 

Dr Marie Le Pellec – Sydney

Marie has international experience in sustainability strategy and performance in various industry sectors including property and infrastructure. Marie aims to minimise environmental impacts and social risks, at project and corporate levels. She has worked with diverse companies such as the French space agency, Optus, Commonwealth Games, Transurban, WestConnex, Commonwealth Bank, NAB, AMP Capital. In collaboration with her clients and their stakeholders, she progresses a comprehensive framework, develops tangible processes and achieves sustainability goals, based on robust science.

“I am both grateful and proud to receive this recognition by NDY. I see this as a reflection of the effort put into the new services developed and delivered by the global sustainability team in the last years. We have broadened our support to our clients with positive and robust sustainable outcomes. I am really excited to be at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions for our clients and thankful for the support of my manager and team members. 

Warwick Brown – Perth

Warrick is a senior mechanical engineer, with a diverse range of experience. After spending 8 years working for a Perth consultancy, he then moved to a contractor to broaden his practical knowledge. In 2016 he left Perth to live in Vietnam to work on a range of large international projects, and now finds him back in Perth at NDY. His strength in technical design, advanced understanding of digital delivery mechanisms and coordination passion make him a strong part of the NDY buildings team.

“I am grateful that the NDY people and workplace have provided me with the tools and resources to work to the best of my ability every day. Motivation comes from having an office that you are excited to come to, the resources you need at your fingertips and professional people working at your side. My appointment to Associate is the result of a supportive work environment, which will continue to drive me to future achievement. 

Daniel Henderson – Auckland

Daniel joined NDY in 2017 as a senior hydraulic engineer. Daniel has recently taken on the client lead role for NDY Auckland and leads some of the larger and complex projects for the office. Client focused, Daniel has built and secured new business opportunities and relationships within the Auckland office such as CP group, one of the leading Hotel property groups in NZ and the US. New opportunities for NDY include the Mondrian Auckland (7th in the world to be built) Momi Bay So resort, Fiji and Wains Brand Hotels through NZ.

“It is fantastic to receive this recognition, I would not be able to deliver the amazing project outcomes without my colleagues who work tirelessly to achieve our clients’ goals. Thanks to Michael Sullivan, Arif Zaher, Brad Hooker and Shay Gordon for the continued support.  

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