I am pleased to announce the latest round of internal appointments. These appointments recognise the commitment from each of these individuals in serving our clients effectively, delivering technical excellence, and enabling Norman Disney & Young, A Tetra Tech Company, in fulfilling our purpose of Making Spaces Work.

Please join me in congratulating each of the appointees and wishing them ongoing success.

Stuart Fowler, CEO


Mike Neill – Auckland

Mike has over 35 years of experience in delivering complex projects within the built environment, specialising in major projects for the Health, Research, Defence and Infrastructure sectors. He has a strong relationship-based approach to team leadership, client management and project delivery.

I am grateful for this appointment and for the recognition of the efforts we have made in expanding the reach of NDY in NZ. It has been all the more enjoyable working alongside the NZ team and with colleagues across the NDY Group. I look forward to continuing to develop our strengths and contributing to the overall success of the business.” 

Nick Thurlow – Adelaide

Nick is the Office Manager for the NDY Adelaide office. He assists a range of commercial and private property clients with all aspects of management, maintenance and modernisation. Nick has over 17 years of experience within the industry. He has also assisted several clients in developing their asset maintenance plans on a portfolio basis.

“I am humbled by this recognition and would like to express my gratitude to the people I have worked closely with in the Adelaide and Melbourne offices, as well as the entire NDY Group. Working with outstanding staff and exciting projects has been worthwhile; I wouldn’t be where I am if not for my colleagues. I look forward to being a Director.” 

Associate Director

Christine Duncan – Wellington

Christine is a Senior Fire Engineer and heads the Fire Engineering section of our New Zealand offices. She takes a national lead for Clients and Market and is responsible for quality of client documentation, contract coordination and project management. Christine is well-versed in all aspects of Fire Engineering and has collaborated with a wide range of sectors within the field including government offices, education and consultancies.

“This appointment is mainly due to the support of my colleagues. I have the pleasure of working with a talented and motivated team who aim to deliver the best possible results in every project. I’m keen to influence creativity and collaboration within the organisation as an Associate Director.”

Ian Hanna – Sydney

Ian’s specialisation is in vertical transportation services – lifts, escalators and moving walkways. His knowledge and experience as both a system designer & installation – as well as maintenance technician – bring a thorough understanding of performance, quality, contractual, and maintenance to his clients. Ian believes the best response to demand for lift service availability and ride quality is early planning by applying desk-top simulations to deliver the optimum mix of lift numbers, spatial layout, capacity, speed, appropriate lift car design and operating systems.

“I’m grateful to NDY and specifically the Sydney staff for the assistance and support provided to me over the years leading to this recognition. I look forward to working with the NDY group as an Associate Director and contributing to the continued of success of the company.” 

Brad Hooker – Auckland

Brad joined NDY in 2013 as a Senior Consultant and Senior Mechanical Engineer returning to consulting engineering following a period of employment as Building Services Engineer to the University of Auckland facilities management. Brads previous experience in working both client-side and on the contracting side has rewarded Brad with a diverse skill set and broad knowledge of the building services industry.

“I am really pleased with this recognition and would like to acknowledge the support from my colleagues who are a relevant contribution to this appointment. I look forward to good times ahead and continuing to contribute to NDY’s growth.”

Lisa Kelly – Melbourne

Lisa joined NDY in 2002 and has over 17 years of experience in the industry. She currently manages the Melbourne Existing Buildings team. Lisa initially joined NDY in the Fire Engineering group on a variety of commercial, residential and government projects. She then moved to the Mechanical services and ESD teams, working in both the Melbourne and Sydney offices.

“I am grateful for this recognition by NDY. This appointment wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing, hardworking team. As a team, we ensure to deliver positive results not only for client satisfaction, but for the continued growth of the business and its people. Thank you for this opportunity.” 

Ashley Merrett – London

Ashley is highly-motivated, with ambition and energy. Since joining NDY in 2010 as a mechanical engineer he has become experienced in a variety of sectors and has an awareness of new, innovative and sustainable technologies.  His communication skills and enthusiastic personality make him a valuable member of a design team. Having led and coordinated significant projects, Ashley has an understanding of budgets and programmes, working hard to ensure they are met.

“I’m proud to receive this recognition and would like to thank my colleagues who value my role in the London office and have supported me throughout my NDY career. I look forward to continuing to lead strong teams to deliver more amazing projects and Making Spaces Work.”

Ben Moulton – Melbourne

Ben is the Corrections Market Sector Leader for the Melbourne Office. He is also a Senior Project Leader and Project Director on various multi-discipline projects within the corrections space as well as other market sectors. With a history of working with a multitude of stakeholders on challenging projects, and a reputation for keeping calm under pressure, Ben brings over 15 years of experience to this role.

“It is wonderful to receive this recognition from NDY and I am grateful to the executive team for recognising my contribution to the Melbourne office. This would also not be possible if not for the help and support of my colleagues in the various project teams I work alongside.”

Graeme Oakley– Sydney

Graeme joined NDY in Melbourne in 1983 where he was responsible for the investigation and reporting on existing air conditioning plant, design and implementation of plant modifications. He relocated to Sydney in 1985 and has been responsible for the provision of air conditioning services for commercial projects and private enterprises. Graeme has a good reputation within the building industry and understands what clients are seeking, continually delivering their requirements.

“I would like to say how truly appreciative I am of this appointment and would like to thank all the passed (including my wife) and present NDY staff especially those in the Sydney Office for the friendship, assistance over the last 35 years in making NDY an enjoyable place to work and for this recognition.”

Raghav Padayachi – London

Ragz sits on the NDY London Executive Committee and represents the Global Specialty Group disciplines in the UK. After joining NDY’s Manchester office in 2008 as a Mechanical Engineer, with a focus on Sustainability in design, Ragz transferred to NDY London in 2010 into the Core Mechanical group, before assisting the launch of NDY London’s Interiors Team In 2015. Positioned as Interiors team leader between 2016-18, Ragz focussed primarily on commercial office refurbishment and fitout sectors, successfully growing the brand and team year on year. Taking a personable approach, Ragz has a proven track record as a team leader, overseeing multi-disciplinary teams in delivering a positive client journey.

“My commitment to NDY since 2008 has been maintained and encouraged by the people and culture that we nurture. The support I have had throughout my career development at NDY has been incredible – this time with particular thanks to the Interiors and GSG team leaders who have supported me, pushed each other and grafted together in delivering our success.”

Senior Associate 

Gavin Bartley – Brisbane

Gavin joined the NDY team in late 2010 as an Electrical Project Engineer with previous experience in electrical drafting, contracting and estimating.  Some nine years later, he finds himself leading the Brisbane Core Electrical Team (awesome bunch), heading up the Mission Critical sector for Queensland and project leading a mix of both challenging and rewarding jobs – primarily in the data centre space.

Big thanks again to Stu, Sam and Jeff for both the initial consideration and endorsement. As a side note – I’m very pleased that I made the grade this time around.  I noticed on LinkedIn that one of our Aussies-abroad (Benny) was also promoted to Senior Associate and he never would have let me forget it if he made Senior Associate before I did!  So cheers.”

Alex Boome – Vancouver

Alex has over 39 years of diverse professional practice. He has developed an expertise in the design of air-conditioning, heating, ventilating, plumbing, piping, aqua-culture, fire protection, energy modelling, vehicular compressed natural gas delivery systems, and fundamental commissioning. Alex has completed a mix of over 1,000 projects across various sectors including commercial, retail, hotel & residential, education, industrial, farm and grow operations, and healthcare projects.

“WOW. A massive thank you to NDY  for this opportunity, particularly my colleagues who continuously help me. Looking forward to more exciting projects, growth, and success with our NDY team, and to the seemingly ever-expanding opportunities with Tetra Tech over the coming years.”

Nicholas Kennedy – Auckland

Nick currently leads the mechanical team in NDY Auckland and is leading a number of projects with some of our key clients such as Kiwi Property and Cooper and Company. Starting his engineering career in 2006, Nick has gained extensive experience over a range of industrial, retail, and commercial building projects in both New Zealand and Asia.

“I am very humbled by this appointment, I really appreciate a company that recognises hard work and success. Thanks to the NDY team that have also put in the extra effort to help deliver some fantastic projects to our clients.”

Mark Lewis – London

Mark has over 20 years of experience in the Building Services industry, working on numerous commercial and industry projects. More recently, Mark has worked mainly on critical facilities in the UK in a Senior Electrical role and specialises in design and project management for technically intensive projects.

“I’m sincerely humbled to receive this recognition and would like to thank my colleagues in the London office for the endless opportunities.”

Steve Marotta – Melbourne

Stephen is the Mission Critical Market Sector Leader, responsible for the design and delivery of mission critical projects across Asia Pacific. He has an extensive background in the planning, design, construction, management and maintenance of mission critical facilities. Stephen’s broad multi-services knowledge within the electrical, fire, mechanical, security and structural disciplines provide strong outcomes for clients.

“I’m grateful for this appointment –. it’s a reflection of the great work the team in the Melbourne office and the broader NDY Group have delivered on some really exciting and innovative projects. Our commitment to delivering positive outcomes for our clients and helping them to improve efficiencies has been key to our success, and I’m really excited to be at the forefront of delivering more successful projects for our clients into the future.”

Ben Martin – London

Since joining NDY, Ben has worked in both the mechanical and interiors sections on a variety of mechanical design projects, both large-scale and small-scale. His UK experience has been centred on delivery of CAT B fitout projects and technical design. Prior to Ben’s relocation to the London office, he worked in the Brisbane office undertaking services consultancy where he coordinated a range of small to medium projects in various sectors.

“My team has provided me continuous support through my career development. I am grateful to all who have played their part in this opportunity. Glad to be a part of NDY and I look forward to the successes our team can do in the future.” 

Richard Sherwood – London

Richard has over 15 years of experience in the development of Fire Engineering strategies for high-profile and complex projects. He enjoys engaging with design teams to deliver workable fire strategy solutions to the benefit of clients.

“I am very appreciative of the appointment. It represents the hard work myself and my colleagues put in the projects we deliver. Working alongside an outstanding group of individuals across different offices of NDY has been a great experience, and now that I’m a Senior Associate, it will only get better. Thank you again to NDY for this amazing opportunity.”

  Nick Thomas – London

Nick joined NDY in 2016 as a Senior Electrical Engineer in the London Building Services business. He has previously worked as an electrical consultant with Atkins in the UK and Beca while in New Zealand. He has since taken over the leadership of the electrical team in London. With extensive experience in electrical infrastructure, interiors fitout and lighting. Nick enjoys working in a collaborative multi-disciplinary environment.

“I would like to thank all my colleagues who have helped me develop my career to date.  It has been a pleasure to work with you – especially those who have made efforts to help develop and diversify my skills. I look forward to working together in the next chapter here at NDY.” 

  Xavia Troeger – Brisbane

Xavia leads the Fire Protection and Fire Engineering team in Brisbane. She joined NDY in 2013 after graduating from the University of Queensland with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Commerce and a master’s degree in Fire Safety Engineering. Xavia has been involved in a variety of projects and gained exposure in the health, industrial, residential and retail sectors. In 2016, Xavia won the David Norman Young Engineer of the Year Award (DNYEA).

“Throughout my time at NDY, I have worked with amazing people who I’ve learnt so much from. They make work more enjoyable! This appointment is all thanks to the endless support of my team.”

Thomas Warren – Auckland

Thomas leads the acoustic team in NDY Auckland, with ten years of experience at NDY across the Auckland and Melbourne offices. He enjoys working with clients and design teams to ensure that project acoustic requirements are appropriately chosen and integrated into the overall design.

“I am honoured to receive this recognition and want to thank supportive and talented people I’ve been able to work with during my time at NDY in Auckland, Melbourne and across the group. I’m excited about the opportunity to continue working with the NDY team on rewarding and diverse projects.”

Francisco Yanez – Wellington

Francisco is as a senior Hydraulic Services Engineer and Section Leader. His key responsibilities are to manage projects from concept design stage to practical completion, ensuring all required outcomes are achieved for all stakeholders. Francisco’s extensive experience in the hydraulic engineering discipline comes from a range of sectors mainly commercial, residential, manufacturing, healthcare, age care and 3D building information modelling (BIM) through Revit software to deliver buildable and well-coordinated solutions.

“Since joining NDY I have been presented with the opportunity to grow within the business and explore my potential, for this I am grateful. With the ongoing support of my colleagues and the guidance of senior management, I am looking forward to the new challenges ahead and working together to achieve successful outcomes for the business.” 



Wendy Breitenbach – Brisbane

Wendy joined NDY in 1984 as an Administration Assistant and currently acts as EA for Jeff Marchant & Patrick Fogarty in the Brisbane office. Prior to joining NDY, she worked for a major insurance company undertaking both administration and sales/marketing roles.  Her ability to stay calm under pressure has stood her in good stead over the years.

“I am honoured to be appointed an Associate of NDY – it’s been a pleasure to work with the Brisbane team locally and the broader NDY family over the years.”


Michelle Ch’ng – Melbourne

Michelle is an experienced ICT/AV consultant who has worked across Australia and UK within the NDY offices, and on numerous projects across various verticals. She has been involved in the various phases of projects – from the concept stage through to detailed design, construction and the contract administration phase of projects. Michelle has also dealt extensively with both technical and non-technical stakeholders to assist clients in achieving the best implementation of technology that suits their needs.

“I am grateful for this appointment which would not have been possible without the support and guidance of my team and the mentorship which I have been provided. My deepest thanks to all those around me who inspire and drive me to do my best, and to NDY for this opportunity. I look forward to the successful deliveries of projects ahead and to add value to the team, particularly within NDYDigital.”

Matthew Dalgety – Melbourne

Matthew is the Manager of the Melbourne Fire Protection & Hydraulic Services team. He has over 10 years’ experience in design consultancy and contracting, and has extensive knowledge in the planning, design & documentation of large-scale projects throughout NDY.

“I am very thankful for the recognition and this appointment. I would like to thank all of my peers, mentors, and team members for guiding me to this point, and for pushing me to strive day in day out for engineering excellence”


Johan Doorduim – Auckland 

Johan has been in the Mechanical, Hydraulics and Fire Protection discipline for over 10 years, working on both small-scale and large-scale projects in Capetown, South Africa prior to moving to Auckland. The projects he has worked on range from Aged & Health care, Commercial, Education, Residential and Industrial market sectors.

“I am pleased to be starting as an Associate at NDY and Making Spaces Work through my skills and knowledge. I look forward to working with the Auckland office and developing my capabilities in the future.”

Hayley Koerbin – Melbourne

Hayley is a Senior Consultant within NDY’s Global Sustainability Group. She is also responsible for the management of the Education Market Sector in Victoria, which includes overseeing projects, development of market strategy, client engagement and business development. Highly passionate and sought after for her expertise in sustainability rating tools, Hayley’s knowledge covers sustainable building design, analysis of building environmental quality and occupant health and wellbeing. As a confident, effective and collaborative communicator, Hayley is a strong project manager who delivers quality outcomes on time. She takes pride in maintaining high professional standards and strong client relationships.

“I am grateful for the many opportunities that NDY provides, and to be working with such a diverse group of highly skilled and enthusiastic individuals. I’d like to thank those who have supported me on my NDY journey so far and look forward to the varied and exciting opportunities which lie ahead.”


Andrea Lawrie – Corporate, Melbourne 

Andrea has been a valued part of the NDY team since she joined in 2006 as a Team Assistant. Over the last 13 years, her experience in Marketing, Executive Assistance, and Stakeholder Management has helped her become a vital part of the corporate team. Andrea has acted as a mentor for many support staff in the business, and prides herself on her ability to develop and maintain strong and positive relationships with team members from all offices, services, and seniority levels. Her initiative, creativity, attention to detail and consistent willingness to take on tasks that extend her capabilities has directly contributed to enhancing the NDY brand and standing within the Engineering Services sector.

“I’m grateful to NDY for the opportunities and recognition, particularly to my colleagues who have continuously offered support. During my time at NDY I have had the opportunity to develop and evolve my role, and I am excited to see how it can change further as the business adapts to future opportunities and challenges. I’m looking forward to adding value on future exciting projects with NDY over the coming years.”


David Luck – Sydney 

David is NDY’s Acoustics Technical Manager with 18 years of professional practice. He brings specialist experience in building acoustics, environmental and transport-related noise.  David is a Member of the Australian Acoustical Society and presented research into noise impacts from Fitness centres at Internoise, Hong Kong in 2017.

“I am grateful to have my efforts recognised with this new and exciting role. Sincere thanks to my colleagues and manager for constantly inspiring and challenging me. I’m looking forward to continuing the future success of NDY.” 

Peter Needham – Adelaide  

Peter is the Manager of NDY’s Asset Performance group in the Adelaide office and also specialises in building services reviews for vendor and purchaser due diligences across Australia for a number of clients. He has many years of experience in all aspects of building services in the fields of consulting, construction and facility management. In more recent years Peter has used his knowledge of the SA Defence facilities to develop major business opportunities for NDY in the SA defence sector. Peter has professional and trade qualifications mechanical, refrigeration, electrical and data with extensive knowledge of fire and vertical transportation services.

“I’m truly grateful for this recognition of my achievements and maintaining the growth of the Adelaide NDY office. I have worked with amazing people here in the Adelaide office, and appreciate the support they provide throughout my tenure. With my new role as an Associate, I look forward to motivating my colleagues more and being of service to the greater NDY Group.”



Noni Nuriani – Sydney

Noni celebrated her 10 years with NDY in July this year. She has been a key member of the Sustainability team in Sydney and works collaboratively within NDY’s Global Sustainability Group (GSG). Noni is a Green Star Accredited professional, NABERS and Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) assessor. She has been performing accredited NABERS ratings assessments and energy modellings in the last 10 years. She is passionate in improving the energy performance of existing building assets. She is actively involved in the Industry, being a Secretary of IBPSA-Australasia (International Building Performance Simulation Association-Australasia), and in 2018, appointed as a stakeholder member of the NABERS Steering Committee, a committee overseeing the operation of NABERS. She is also a member of the NABERS Independent Design Review (IDR) panel, which qualifies her to review design documentation and energy models of office buildings targeting a NABERS Energy rating through Commitment Agreement.

“I am very delighted and humbled by the appointment. It is really great that NDY looks after the development of their staff. Thanks to my manager, Sydney Sustainability team and GSG Team for their support”


Troy Player – London

As an Associate at NDY, Troy is responsible for the design and documentation, contract administration, site supervision and project coordination for the diverse range of projects that NDY are involved with. He has gained design experience as a Fire Protection engineer on a wide range of projects in the high-rise buildings, commercial, health, government, educational, retail, aged care and residential sectors.

“I’m very proud to have my contributions acknowledged and look forward to future projects and challenges in the London office. I’m also grateful to my colleagues and industry peers who have supported me throughout my career”.

Gareth Quay – London

Gareth is an Associate responsible for overseeing electrical services design in the NDY interiors team. He has a proven track record in the design and supervision from feasibility to detailed design in specialised MEP services, liaising with Stakeholders, architects and design team members. Gareth has comprehensive knowledge of the London construction market as well as a depth of experience in designing, developing and maintaining electrical systems, focusing on economy, safety, reliability, quality and sustainability.

“Having my hard work recognised is something I am grateful for. I would like to thank the London office and my team for the support they have provided. I appreciate everything that has transpired to bring me to this new role. Thank you NDY!”



 Adeel Silat – Perth

Adeel joined NDY in Sep 2015 as a Project Engineer in hydraulic services and currently leads the Fire and Hydraulic section in Perth. His consultancy experience, which spans over a wide spectrum of market sectors, has not only helped him acquire technical knowledge but has also helped him hone his analytical, problem-solving, interpersonal and organizational skills. His dedication to his projects and commitment to clients has seen him successfully deliver projects and increase client-base.

“I am profoundly honoured by this recognition and grateful to those who supported this appointment. It has been a challenging and adventurous journey for me here in the Perth office. I am appreciative of the team support and opportunities that have been provided to me not only to grow myself professionally but also to grow the business. Looking forward to maintaining the development trajectory for greater achievements with the team while effectively Making Spaces Work!”

Henri Smith – London 

Henri works within the core mechanical team covering industrial, pharmaceutical and mission critical projects. He leads multi-disciplinary teams whilst focusing on the mechanical design aspects of these projects. Before moving to London and joining NDY, Henri spent seven years working and delivering projects across Africa, the Middle East and UK for a global consulting firm. His past roles include working as client engineer, consultant and contractor, giving him the ability to effectively collaborate with all members of the project team.

“I am very grateful for this promotion and know that it would not have happened without the help of the rest of the team in the London office. I truly appreciate the support and assistance that has been provided to me since joining NDY at the beginning of 2018. I look forward to continuing as an Associate for NDY London, delivering high-quality projects for our clients and finding ways to do this more efficiently.”


George Sundac – London

Since joining the NDY London office, George has contributed to and led a number of exciting development schemes. He thoroughly enjoys working on challenging projects as part of multi-disciplinary teams, building on his experience across various sectors including commercial office, healthcare and education facilities. George has recently taken on the lead role of the mechanical team in the London office.

“Many thanks to NDY for the recognition of my efforts. Thank you also to all of my colleagues who have made my experience at NDY thus far very enjoyable and fulfilling. NDY London is an exciting office to be a part of and I look forward to working together with you all in the future.”

Craig Ward – Melbourne

Craig joined NDY in 2012 and currently serves in multiple capacities within NDY including electrical engineer, project leader and Melbourne Electrical Section Manager. He has broad technical experience across electrical, mechanical and hydraulics services, in addition to diverse project experience across many different market sectors.

“I want to thank NDY for the recognition and the support over the years. I’ve been blessed to work alongside brilliant engineers who have continuously invested in me and my future. I look forward to investing further in NDY’s people, projects and clients.”

Lynette Williams – Melbourne

Lynette has over 20 years of industry-based experience in the design and construction of mechanical services in different market sectors. Her specific technical areas of expertise are in the education (laboratory) and healthcare sectors. She has spoken internationally on laboratory design and was part of a team travelling to the Netherlands in September 2013 to study healthcare design to influence Australian design practice.

“My 2.5 years at NDY have allowed me to further develop my skill set, both technical and project leading. I appreciate the ongoing development offered by the NDY team and the confidence that they display in allowing me to utilise my skills. Thank you NDY for this appointment.”


Derek Woo – Sydney 

Derek joined NDY in 2012 after graduating with a Master of Design Science (Building Services) from the University of Sydney. He has extensive experience in leading projects of varying sizes, ranging from small fit-out projects to large multi-disciplinary projects, both new-build and redevelopment. He recently relocated to the Hong Kong office to assist with co-managing the local team.

“This appointment means a lot to me as it recognises my dedication and commitment to both my self-improvement and to the business. A special thank you to the Sydney office management and my mentor Richard Pickering for providing valuable support and feedback throughout my career at NDY. I thank my peers as this recognition would not have been possible without their continued support on my projects. I look forward to achieving greater things with NDY and Tetra Tech in the future.” 

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