Congratulations to our most recent appointments at Norman Disney & Young across all our operating regions. Each new appointment recognises the outstanding contribution our colleagues have made to our company. Each individual has contributed to our success either through the pursuit of exceptional client service, the delivery of technical excellence, the securing of exciting new growth opportunities, or through broader leadership in the profession and the community.

Well done!

Stuart Fowler, CEO
Norman Disney & Young [a Tetra Tech Company]


Eugene Wong – Sydney

Eugene leads Sydney’s Project Delivery Team and acts as Project Director for NDY projects.  He leads NDY Project Teams to fulfil their purpose of ‘Making Spaces Work’ by leveraging his experience gained from working on large iconic commercial office and residential sector projects. He brings proven project experience by utilising his multidisciplinary services knowledge with a specialisation in mechanical services to every project. He understands the nature of our client’s business, and the markets they operate in, allowing his leadership of NDY’s teams to navigate the challenges of the property sector.

 “Throughout my time at NDY, I’ve had the privilege of working with amazing people from whom I I’ve learnt so much. They make work interesting and very enjoyable! This appointment is all thanks to the endless support from many people over the years, so thank you!”

Damian Condello – Melbourne

Damian is renowned for his exceptional client service and his meticulous attention to project matters. He is a proactive, responsive and highly organised individual who is entrusted by the business to take on some of our most challenging projects.

“I am very humbled by this appointment. I am grateful to NDY and the Melbourne office for recognising my performance and the contribution I have made. I take great pride in working with NDY and have a lot of people to thank throughout the organisation, both past and present, for providing me a platform to grow my career and experience within the business and in the industry. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the opportunities that NDY exposed me to. I am certainly a different professional and person now than from those early days when I began my journey with NDY London back in February 2006. Thanks again to everyone for giving their time and experience over the years in both the London and Melbourne offices. I look forward to the journey ahead”.

Cameron Sandell – Global Specialist Group, Sydney

Cameron has worked and lived in Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin, Singapore and more recently in Sydney. Operating in a global role with NDY, Cameron brings innovations from around the world to his collaborative global team. In this current global pandemic environment, NDY’s Global Specialist Groups, and particularly the Digital team, are well placed and well versed in working remotely but also sharing ideas around the impact of a post Covid world on the use of the built environment and the deployment of technologies in support of return to work planning.

“I am grateful for NDY and their continued opportunities for growth and development in my career. This makes me proud to be part of a group that acknowledges its staff and whilst the successes experienced are as a result of the efforts of a team, I am sincerely pleased for this recognition. I would also like to extend my gratitude to those who have contributed to this appointment.”

Associate Director

Martin Lee – Melbourne

Martin joined NDY in 2013 and is currently responsible for the management of the interiors market sector in the Melbourne office, which includes overseeing of workplace projects, development of team strategy, employee engagement and business development. Taking a collaborative and personable approach, Martin has a proven track record as a leader of multi-disciplinary teams in delivering client aspirations.

 “I’m very thankful of the opportunities afforded to myself throughout my years at NDY. I’ve been mentored by exceptional individuals, and similarly given the chance to nurture an amazing team of people within the sector. I look forward to the future and exciting new prospects.  

Genevieve Gardner – Melbourne

Genevieve is the Mechanical Team Manager in the Melbourne Office. She has been the lead mechanical engineer on many landmark projects from masterplanning/feasibility stage through to final completion, allowing her to develop a keen understanding of the impact early design decisions can have on the overall success of a project. Genevieve has experience delivering mechanical services solutions for both new and major existing building refurbishment projects across the retail, education, health, commercial, residential, and sports & entertainment sectors.

“I would like to say a huge thank-you to the very large number of talented people both in Melbourne office and across the group who have helped get me to this point. Thank you for answering my many questions, for the amazing project opportunities and for challenging me to do new things. When I started as a graduate at NDY I never expected that I could achieve what I have in my career so far and I would not be where I am today without your endless support. Thank you to NDY for this recognition, looking forward to working with everyone on whatever exciting things happen next.”

Simon Feo – Hong Kong

Simon currently manages the Hong Kong office, he was based in the NDY Sydney office prior to relocating to Hong Kong. He has had over 11 years of experience specialising mission critical facilities, building services industry design and construction.

“I’m thankful to my colleagues in the Hong Kong office for their continuous hard work and professionalism, this has enabled us to keep delivering to the highest standards, securing additional work and expanding our capabilities in the region. This wouldn’t be possible without their continued support. Looking forward to more projects and keeping the Hong Kong office growing as an Associate Director.”

Oliver Barker – London (Technical Director)

Oliver joined NDY as Digital Buildings team lead. Oliver has primarily come from a controls background and later migrated into ICT, cyber security and digital buildings. Over the past decade, he has been working primarily on large commercial and data centre projects providing a variety of services. Oliver has a wide range of commercial experience reaching throughout the project lifecycle in both design and delivery roles of BMS, ICT and MSI roles.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the people I have worked closely with in the London and the entire NDY and Tetra Tech Group. I am sincerely humbled by this recognition. I wouldn’t be where I am if not for my excellent colleagues. I look forward to being an Associate Director.” 

Senior Associate 

Laura Keen – Vancouver

Laura started at NDY as a graduate in the Brisbane office where she gained valuable experience and knowledge from a number of engineers. In 2018 Laura took an opportunity to work at NDY’s affiliate company Cosentini in New York. This opportunity allowed her to gain experience internationally further expanding her knowledge and skill set. While working with Cosentini Laura focused on developing project management skills to complement her technical knowledge. Laura joined the NDY Vancouver office in 2019 to gain further international experience. Laura won the David Norman Young Engineer award in 2019 as recognition for her achievements and contribution NDY. Overall working with a variety of people on projects across several market sectors has given Laura a breadth of knowledge which allows her to adapt to new projects.

“My sincere thanks for this appointment. I am very thankful for the opportunities that NDY has given me in my career and I appreciate the ongoing support from NDY leadership and genuinely enjoy working with my colleagues at NDY. I am proud of this new appointment and look forward to continuing to help in deliver successful projects for NDY.” 

George Sundac – London

George is an ambitious engineer with over 8 years of building services design experience within the UK and Australia. Having joined the NDY London office in early 2018, he has already been involved in a number of large development schemes, and has been widening his client and network base in the UK market.

“It is great to see that our efforts are appreciated. I look forward to an exciting future as a Senior Associate.” 








John Iksens – Brisbane

John has extensive international experience having worked in both Australia and the UK across a broad range of projects sectors, and consulting environments. This experience has exposed him to many aspects of the building services industry including; site inspections and audit reports, design drawings and documentation production, tender analysis and contract management and general Client and job management.

“The Brisbane team has provided me continuous support throughout my career at NDY. I am grateful to everyone who played their part in this opportunity. I look forward to the many successful projects our team can deliver for the years to come.” 

Petar Popovic – Brisbane

Petar has extensive experience in mechanical services with a broad experience base across all types of projects including industrial, retail, commercial, government, tourism, residential and education. Since moving to Australia, Petar worked in mechanical services contracting before moving to consultancy. Petar promotes the implementation of sustainable technologies in various aspects of the project and has designed a number of projects from concept to finalisation. His ability to manage projects and design teams is recognised as one of his greatest strengths. For the last couple of years, Petar is part of the Brisbane Asset Performance / Interiors team, delivering various replacement, upgrade and fitout projects.

“I’m honoured to receive this recognition and would like to thank my colleagues and friends who thought I deserved this appointment. I look forward to continuing to work with my Brisbane team, challenging clients and Making Spaces Work.”

Brendan Byrne – Sydney

Brendan has been providing excellent service to NDY clients since joining in 2008. He has worked on many projects as lead vertical transportation designer of both new and existing buildings and brings a practical approach to installations for the benefit of clients, builders, sub-contractors and NDY.

“I continue to enjoy my time at NDY and appreciate the opportunities of working on a wide range of projects. I’d like to thank NDY, Tetra Tech and the Sydney office for this appointment. Also a special mention to the admin staff and my Vertical Transportation Group colleagues for their assistance – thank you.”




Liana Paolino – Sydney

Liana has been involved in a variety of multi-disciplinary projects as an electrical designer and project leader, with a particular focus on new and existing commercial building and fitout projects. In her role, Liana is responsible for leading multi-disciplinary teams and works closely with internal and external stakeholders to successfully deliver on project objectives. Liana is an electrical team leader in the Sydney office.

“I am pleased to receive this appointment and am very thankful for the support and opportunities I have received in my career at NDY.” 

Frazer MacDonald – Sydney

Frazer is a Regional Manager of fire engineering based in the Sydney office.  Frazer is a Chartered Fire Safety Engineer and brings national and international experience from a wide range of sectors.  Frazer and his team support innovative design on world class projects through the application of fire science, human behavior and evacuation analysis.

“NDY is a fantastic company with many opportunities to progress and develop, and It is great to have been recognised.” 



Prasad Surve – Sydney

Prasad Surve is a qualified mechanical engineer offering more than 17 years of hydraulic and fire services experience. He has managed several successful projects of medium to high complexity and has been involved with fire protection & hydraulic services design for major projects including defence projects, airports, rail & road infrastructure, retail developments, category 1 hospitals, laboratories, mid and high rise residential and commercial buildings, among others.

“Many thanks to NDY for recognising the work that I do and the contributions I have made. I’m very grateful for this promotion – it would not have happened without the help of the wider team in the Sydney office. I truly appreciate the support and assistance that has been provided to me since joining NDY. I look forward to continuing as a Senior Associate for NDY Sydney.”

Tony Minhinnick – Melbourne

Tony joined NDY in 2018 as the fire engineering manager, following years of fire engineering industry and building product development experience. He has worked on complex fire engineering projects across multiple industry sectors and various regions. Tony is particularly focused on collaborating with clients, design teams and internal NDY project teams to develop and deliver fire engineered services that satisfy all project stakeholders.

“I’m very grateful for this appointment. It is reflective of the great support provided from not only our fire engineering Global Specialist Group but also the interdisciplinary teams that work to deliver so many of our projects. Looking forward to building the team further as a Senior Associate.

Craig Ward – Melbourne

Craig manages the Melbourne office electrical team and is a seasoned project leader with a track record of delivering large multi-disciplinary projects. He has extensive engineering design experience in a variety of markets sectors including new and existing commercial office towers, interior fitouts, retail developments, residential towers and correctional facilities. Craig has a broad technical skillset in addition to electrical engineering, including significant experience as a mechanical and hydraulics engineer. This combination of broad technical knowledge and client centric project management makes Craig a versatile project leader.

“I am honoured to be appointed as a Senior Associate of NDY – it has been a joy working alongside my colleagues in the Melbourne office and the broader NDY Group over the years. Thank you all.”

Mathew Dalgety – Melbourne

As the Fire Protection and Hydraulic Services Manager within our Melbourne office, Matthew is responsible for the overall management and financial performance of the Victorian sector. Mathew is also a Senior Project Leader who heads up the Victorian industrial market sector.

“As always, I am very thankful for the recognition, I would like to thank my Melbourne team and colleagues for the continued support and resilience this past 6 months, especially now as we enter into an even further extended period of lockdowns, I look forward to the cold beer at the end of the year with everyone (if we are allowed of course)!”



Alexander Wharton – London

An excellent team player, Alex excels in working closely with the design team to deliver a well thought out, holistic solutions that exceed the client’s brief. Using specialist tools such as IES thermal modelling and Autocad, he is able to deliver innovative solutions to design problems. Alex holds an NVQ Level 2 in Plumbing, undertaken outside of work, which has given him a good understanding and practical knowledge of the systems he designs.

“Throughout my career with NDY, I have worked with some of the most amazing people who I have learnt so much from. This makes NDY enjoyable and I am thankful for this recognition. Looking forward to the delivering more successful projects and creating an impact to the built environment.”

Jiawei Chen – London

Jiawei is responsible for the design of ICT, electronic security, and audio visual systems at NDY London. Jiawei has been a Building Services Consultant since 2011, starting in Auckland, New Zealand, and joining NDY London in 2016.  He has been involved in many premier building projects in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

“I’m am very proud of the quality of work the team around me consistently delivers despite the challenges 2020 has presented. I have had the honour of working with some great engineers, consultants and people in my journey so far at NDY London. I look forward to the next chapter as an Associate, along with the many challenges and opportunities to come.”

Scott Durno – London

Scott Durno is the BIM Manager for NDY in London. He has gained good industry and project experience, with involvement on a range of projects including sports stadiums, luxury hotels and new office developments, amongst others. Scott’s strong technical knowledge of BIM has enabled the London office to successfully integrate BIM processes into day-to-day operations, and work to British and ISO standards on projects.  Scott has recently joined NDY Digital in the BIM & Data Services team, to extend the BIM Services that London can offer to the UK market.

“My time at NDY so far has been hugely rewarding, resulting in becoming an Associate. NDY have given me support all the way, to develop my technical expertise and continually extend my knowledge in my field. Thank you NDY, particularly the London team, for the help and support in achieving this

Lance Craigie – Auckland

Lance has extensive experience in the New Zealand construction industry, designing and overseeing the installation of mechanical and plumbing/hydraulic systems. He has worked on a diverse range of projects, both on the design and project management side of the mechanical and hydraulic services. These include institutional, hospital and medical (hospital/laboratory/mortuary) facilities, small and large-scale apartment developments, commercial/office buildings, and retail developments.

“I am grateful for this appointment. I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with supportive people across the business. My time here at NDY would be nothing short of amazing, and I look forward to the challenges and accomplishments that lie ahead.” 



Chris Davidson – Wellington

Chris started his engineering career in the industrial sector developing manufacturing improvements and production increases. His work progressed to managing manufacturing site upgrades with exposure to a wide range of industrial and engineering disciplines. Chris’ strengths are derived from his attention to detail over a broad range of experience combined with excellent communication skills that are invaluable in coordination and consulting with external stakeholders.

“I am sincerely humbled by this appointment and would like to thank the people I work closely with. Working on challenging projects with extraordinary staff has been a fantastic experience; I undoubtedly wouldn’t be where I am if not for them. I look forward to being an valued Associate for the Wellington office.” 



Holly Hewes – Perth

Holly has a background in accounting, finance and administration, having worked in many industries and fields in this capacity, both in Perth and various locations across Australia. She is very driven to find practical solutions to problems always with a view to increase efficiency where possible. Holly enjoys working with and managing support teams to ensure the most effective support is provided to peers.

“Working with NDY has been a great step in my career development. I have learnt to let go of my want to control the outcome and accept the unique challenges of an ever-changing environment, to roll with the punches and actively develop my unique talents and abilities. I have learnt so much about myself as a person in this role and I now have a stimulating job I really enjoy, a fantastic group of colleagues, flexibility, security and most importantly support to continue to grow and encouragement for my achievements. I would like to thank everyone in the Perth office who appreciates the work that I do. I am privileged to be part of the team.”

Tim Hollier – Canberra

Tim has gained experience in both the design and coordination of a variety of projects. Through his involvement in these projects, Tim has built valuable skills both technically in the detailed design process, and as a consultant, communicating and coordinating, across large multi-disciplinary teams.

“I am very grateful for this appointment – it would not have been possible without the support of my colleagues and the project exposure I have been given at NDY (both from the Sydney and Canberra offices). I have enjoyed my years with the company and the great people I have had the pleasure of working with. I look forward to continuing my NDY adventure as an Associate.”

Lucy Stevenson – Canberra

Lucy joined the global NDY Sustainability group in Melbourne in 2013, before returning to her native Canberra in 2018 to lead our local sustainability offering. Her client focus and collaborative approach to design complement her expertise in structured frameworks such as Green Star, LEED, Infrastructure Sustainability, the WELL Building Standard and NABERS.

“I appreciate this recognition and am grateful for the ongoing guidance of my dedicated and talented colleagues. I’m excited to continue delivering impactful projects and supporting NDY’s internal transformations to support further diversity and demonstrate industry leadership.”


Mun Ng – Adelaide

Mun is highly experienced and has proven expertise across a diverse range of electrical, communications and electronic security systems.  She is a leading exponent of the core technical expertise within the NDY electrical team nationally. Mun has been involved in both the design and construction of a myriad of education, commercial tenancy, correctional & justice, hospitality, aged care and residential projects in and around Adelaide, interstate and internationally.

“I am delighted with this appointment and always appreciate how NDY values its people and provides recognition to their contributions. I am certainly looking forward to future exciting challenges and will continue to add value to our NDY family.”


Silvia Quaglia – Sydney

Silvia brings a wealth of technical expertise to the NDY Digital group, including an in-depth knowledge of control system design and integrated services design, as well as new technology and IoT. She tries to push the boundaries with helping NDY clients become data driven in how they plan, design, implement, and operate their facilities.

“I am grateful that during these testing times of working remotely that we are still able to pull together and continue to help NDY grow, both as individuals and a business. It is only through dedicated support and sheer hard work that it is possible to deliver successful project outcomes. I look forward to the next chapter of my career with NDY.”

Sami Siviero – Sydney

Since joining NDY, Sami has engaged in a variety of projects for the design of electrical services and project leading multi-discipline projects. This experience has exposed Sami to working on industry awarded projects in evidence of the importance of services design complementing building architecture and working collaboratively with all project stakeholders.

“I’m pleased to have my hard work recognised. It is a pleasure to work with the Sydney team, and I’ve worked with some of the best people who have helped in my personal and professional development. Massive thanks for this opportunity, NDY.”


Johanna Trickett – Melbourne

Johanna leads NDY’s group of specialist sustainability consultants in Melbourne.  Johanna has held roles as an architect, sustainability advisor, project leader, and ESD consultant, which enables her to bring a diverse range of design, engineering and stakeholder engagement experience into the projects she is working on.

“Throughout my time in the Melbourne office, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented Sustainability Consultants across our group in Australia and also the wider global Tetra Tech family. I really look forward to continuing growing our high-performing team and promoting a culture of inquisitiveness, thinking outside the box, pushing boundaries and exceeding our client’s service and project expectations.” 

Cameron Walbran – Melbourne

Cameron joined NDY in 2012 following the completion of a Master of Engineering majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland. The wide variety of challenges associated with acoustics and vibration has allowed him to apply his technical experience and expertise in analyzing and problem solving in the acoustics field across all sectors. Having been involved in all stages of design and construction in various projects, Cameron understands the needs of NDY’s clients and strives to meet and exceed their expectations.

“I consider myself lucky to have had the support of many people around me – NDY is a great team to be part of. I am pleased with this new role and look forward to an exciting future as an Associate.” 

Brendan Murphy – Melbourne

Brendan is a member of the Mission Critical design team, where he is responsible for the design of critical power systems for high-risk businesses. Brendan championed the development of photovoltaic solar design as a new NDY business offering in the Melbourne office, where he has extensive experience in the feasibility assessment, design and construction management of Photovoltaic Solar Arrays on both existing and new facilities. Additionally, he has experience in educational facilities, residential developments, corrections, transport, public use facilities, and office fitouts.

“I would like to thank everyone in the Melbourne office and within the electrical team, notably Steve Marotta, for his support within the mission critical space. NDY’s accomplishments comes from a joint team effort and I have been privileged to experience the continued support of my colleagues. I would like to thank the members of the executive team for giving me this opportunity and look forward to contributing to the company’s success as an Associate.”

Jennifer Broadmeadow – Brisbane

Jen is responsible for the design and documentation of electrical engineering services, as well as leading the Brisbane office in embracing and developing our digital engineering capabilities. Since joining NDY in 2013, she has worked on a wide variety of projects across multiple market sectors; including commercial, residential, retail, hotels, education, industrial and transport. Jen has a keen interest and strong capabilities in digital engineering and endeavours to integrate emerging technologies and progressive techniques throughout her project work.

“This appointment would not have been possible without the support and experiences I have gained working with our fantastic team in the Brisbane office. I’m grateful for this recognition and look forward to continued opportunities with NDY.”

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