COVID-19 Updates

Norman Disney & Young, A Tetra Tech Company (NDY) has enacted its COVID-19 plan across all operating regions. The plan has been developed under the framework of our Business Continuity Policy.

Our plan and what it means for you

Our COVID-19  plan aims to maintain seamless service delivery to you whilst protecting the safety of all our team members and their families.

Keeping our staff informed

NDY staff are being provided with regular updates on the fast developing situation around COVID-19 and advised to follow all State and Federal government guidelines in relation to containment and delay measures, advice on monitoring for symptoms, personal hygiene, avoidance of large gatherings, social distancing and personal travel plans. Currently all Australian and Canadian NDY offices are open and functioning normally. Our NZ and UK offices are closed due to Government mandated shutdowns. Staff in these locations are working remotely and are contactable on their mobile phones or via email. You can also each the team using the main office phone numbers listed on our Contact Us page. There are no known cases of staff having or being exposed to the Virus. We have enacted airline travel bans for all non-essential Domestic and International business travel.

In the event of an NDY office closure

In the event that an NDY office closes as a result of COVID-19 risk, NDY will request that all NDY staff who are healthy and not directly affected by the Virus work remotely from their home on their allocated projects. Resource managers will also ensure that workload is re-allocated from those who are not fit to continue working.

Remote working

All NDY staff have business spec laptops/mobile devices as well as their own or business issued mobile phones, and do not rely upon fixed desktop PCs at their normal place of work. All relevant staff also have carried out pre-arranged home based self-assessments of their ability to work from home and NDY’s current flexible working arrangements mean that this will not unduly disrupt output. In many cases for some staff this is already business as usual due to pre-agreed flexible working arrangements. All staff have secure access to the NDY project servers via remote VPN connectivity. Again, this is business as usual for NDY staff with flexible working arrangements, ad-hoc home working, those who frequently travel or work across multiple offices, those who are co-located in Project Team offices, and those who work beyond normal office hours from their home.

Communicating & Conducting Meetings In Remote Work Scenarios

In terms of inter-office and staff-to-staff communications, NDY use both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, with direct and daily access to our entire community of engineers, modellers and support staff. The sharing of information via these tools, and access to BIM 360 (and similar), Aconex, Sharepoint and other web or cloud based project delivery tools allows project design and consulting engineering to continue across these shared platforms. Desktop screen sharing (workshopping and discussion purposes), design verification and remote communication would be seamless via these platforms, and we have on-line 24 hour technical support for any potential IT issues. We will have the same direct access to senior staff, subject matter experts, support staff and our wider engineering community that we currently have, albeit without the benefit of the direct face-to-face interaction.

We will continue to monitor and track against our deliverables and commitments and inform our clients of any changes that may impact this at the earliest possible juncture.

However, if you have any urgent questions about our policy I encourage you to reach out to your NDY project leader or director.

Status of NDY Offices

Currently all Australian and Canadian NDY, ECS and NDYLIGHT offices are open and functioning normally.

Our UK and NZ offices are now closed in compliance with Government mandates. Our teams in these locations are working remotely. You can reach our staff on their mobile phone or via email. The main office numbers for these locations are also still active. There are no known cases of staff having or being exposed to the Virus.