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Exploring the future of smart buildings and the role that BMS technologies play in delivering a superior outcome

Trend Controls and Smart Buildings Magazine recently partnered up to deliver a series of panel sessions, exploring the future of smart buildings and the role that BMS technologies play in delivering a superior outcome.

Our Oliver Barker, NDY’s London based Technical Director – Digital Buildings, was on Panel #2: Answering the Big Questions with Data Analytics.

So, what role does data play in managing built environments? Oliver says “We haven’t scratched the surface of data in building management yet. We don’t know what data is out there until we start collecting and profiling every system with a microprocessor in a building, but as data is being collected and shifted into bigger cloud-based databases, we’re starting to see fault detection and diagnosis and platforms which allow you to profile your BMS more and maybe start to diagnose issues before they happen.

“It’s also not going to be long before we’ll be required to actively report on this data as well. If you’re reporting on sustainability and Net Zero Carbon having the data there in a usable format is going to massively optimise that process.”

About Our Expert

Oliver Barker

Technical Director – Digital Buildings

Oliver is Technical Director – Digital Buildings for NDY’s London office. Oliver has primarily come from a controls background and later migrated into ICT, cyber security and digital buildings. For the past 10 years he has been working mainly on large commercial and data centre projects providing a variety of services. Oliver has a wide range of commercial experience reaching throughout the project lifecycle in both design and delivery roles of BMS, ICT and MSI roles.

Using his knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems coupled with his ICT and networking knowledge he has a great grounding to coordinate and explore the facets of smart building design and the potential challenges that face digital buildings such as converged networks, integrations between building systems and client experience.

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