IoT Security Foundation announces Smart Buildings Working Group

The Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) announced today that it has established a working group for smart buildings and appointed Norman Disney & Young (NDY) Cyber Security advisor Alan Mihalic as the group’s chair.

Mihalic says the objective of the Group is to provide the cyber frameworks that can be implemented from the base build through to the build completion.

“The goal of the Smart Buildings Working Group is to establish a comprehensive set of guidelines to help each of the supply chain participants specify, procure, install, integrate, operate and maintain IoT securely in buildings. This includes intelligent buildings equipment and controls such as audio visual (AV), fire, HVAC, lighting and building security.

“Buildings are working spaces, information portals and community information exchanges that require appropriate security controls to meet their future potential. The group is looking to ensure that the recommendations produced are globally applicable and simple to adopt – fitting within existing processes wherever possible. To achieve this, the working group aims to open the channels of communication between building occupiers, facilities managers, engineers, designers and urban planners in relation to the cyber security challenges affecting building environments.”

In a Smart Buildings age this includes maintaining data confidentiality, privacy and public safety levels that meet community and corporate expectations. This can only be achieved by a globally available Cyber Smart Building Framework.

The formation of the working group extends the work of IoTSF into the enterprise domain. This further contributes to the Foundation’s mission to ensure fit for purpose digital security is not only provisioned by vendors, but also applied to best effect across the spectrum of IoT’s application space.

Professor Paul Dorey, IoTSF Chairman, says the “IoTSF is already well known for its foundational work in developing and maintaining the respected IoT Security Compliance Framework, applying trusted cybersecurity to the broad spectrum of IoT systems. Our new set of work streams, led off by ‘Smart Buildings’, are developing specific areas of focus to accelerate adoption by developers, implementers and operators in business vertical applications. I am delighted that Alan Mihalic from NDY is chairing the ‘smart buildings’ work and bringing together other building management systems security specialists as sector experience is critical to real adoption.”

Alan’s cyber security expertise and thought leadership is also being called upon as keynote speaker at forthcoming industry events including the 2017 Australia Smart Cities and Infrastructure forum, Cybercon 2018, and the IoTSF Annual conference.

IoTSF is now inviting those with a specific interest in ensuring the safety and security of smart buildings, to get involved and help ensure the aims of the working group are achieved. Interested parties can make direct contact by emailing

About the Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF)

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