A juicy donation to a charitable cause

At a formal presentation in the Norman Disney & Young (NDY) Sydney office, the NDY Charitable Trust recently donated $6000 to the Skyjuice Foundation.

Charitable Trust Chairman Dennis O’Brien presented the cheque to Jann Hughes of Skyjuice saying “NDY was a proud supporter of the work done by Skyjuice and the innovation behind the SkyHydrant water units.

“With contaminated water responsible for harbouring life-threatening diseases and claiming the lives of many as 5000 children every day, the NDY Charitable Trust is humbled to be a part of the Skyjuice solution,” O’Brien said.

SkyJuice Foundation’s charter is to provide low cost, sustainable water treatment solutions for humanitarian projects and for emergency and disaster relief efforts. The Foundation uses world’s best low-pressure membrane technology to produce safe, sustainable potable water supplies. The SkyHydrant water purification unit produces safe potable water without the need for power or chemicals. It is low cost, lightweight and easy to deploy and install in the field.

“We are very appreciative of the generous donation from the NDY Charitable Trust and the benefits of safe drinking water will be enjoyed by literally thousands of children in China’s Guandong province,” said Hughes.

“The success of the program continues to astound us. Our Chinese contacts have told us they are looking to expand the project to 40 schools in the Xian province as a direct result of these successful pilot projects. In the past seven years, SkyJuice has supplied over 900 water filtration units globally with over 200 of these deployed into tsunami affected countries”

Hughes also confirmed that further humanitarian Skyjuice installations have been commissioned throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Pacific Nations and Central and South America.

Further information about Skyjuice: http://www.skyjuice.com.au/

Photos above show the SkyJuice System in use at a school in the Guandong Province, China. The SkyHydrant water filtration unit provides safe water for 1000+ students in each school. Prior to the SkyHydrant deployment the water was sourced from a combination of well, river and rain water which was not safe to drink.

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