Luther College Students get hands on experience in the Melbourne office

As part of our International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) activities, our Melbourne office, together with Akorn educational services, hosted a week-long engineering design challenge for a team of eight students in the Melbourne office.

The students spent a week at the Melbourne offices, learning from engineers about the process and challenges of designing a building and working as a cohesive team.

The challenge culminated in a presentation to staff and parents, showing the university building they designed, and explaining the features and considerations they had to take into account.

The student challenge was to design and present a mixed-use community centre concept. The design concepts needed to  consider:

  • Environmental impacts
  • Building user comfort
  • Resource efficiency
  • Community benefits
  • Integration with surrounding community, infrastructure and transport.

Both staff and students found the process rewarding. We would like to thank Akorn and Luther college for making this possible.

Luther College

Brooke Phillips, Hannah Ronan-Black, Lucinda Daborn, Benjamin Cox, Henry Jorgensen, Josh Crane, Daimon Byl, Rory Botham-Clarke.

This week has been an amazing opportunity to really see into the day to day movements of different engineers. Everyone who came and spoke to us gave us a really good insight into what their jobs were and were really friendly. I’m so grateful to have been able to work with NDY through the Engineering Students at Work Program and wouldn’t trade it for anything. – Hannah Ronan-Black

Sean Treweek

Director – Residential, Hotel and Entertainment Market Sector Leader

“I’m pleased to see NDY reaching out to students of all backgrounds, particularly young women who are choosing their course of study after high school. As the father of two young daughters who are showing some interest in STEM pathways, I want them to know that this industry welcomes them, and if they work at it, there is nothing they cannot achieve, nowhere they cannot go.”

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