Sydney office hosts Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College

To Celebrate the International Women In Engineering Day (INWED), our offices have been hosting students with an interest in STEM. Sydney welcomed six young women from Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College school this week, and set them a challenge to design a sustainable Community Centre.

The students formed two teams, and spent time with NDY engineers, learning what obstacles and challenges might present themselves in projects of this kind.

The students then presented their work, showcasing their problem solving skills.

The student challenge was to design and present a mixed-use community centre concept. The design concepts needed to  consider:

  • Environmental impacts
  • Building user comfort
  • Resource efficiency
  • Community benefits
  • Integration with surrounding community, infrastructure and transport.

Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College

Isabella Lynn, Mia Fine, Alyssa Krikorian, Ruth Mukheibir, Abbey Simpson,  Christine Ha, 

The students came away with many positive impressions of what a career in engineering might entail.

“It has been a really good day of both hands on activities, and learning about sustainable design concepts and fields of engineering. Although I don’t know what I want to do when I leave school, it has been very beneficial exploring my passions whilst working with like-minded people”.
– Mia Fine

“It was an interesting experience as it really allowed me to gain insight into the industry and work on a project. It was really interesting to hear from the different specialised engineers as it allowed insight into specialisations I hadn’t considered”.
-Ruth Mukheibir

“I gained a better insight into engineering and how diverse the industry and application of the knowledge can be. I learnt how different components related to mechanical, hydraulics, human interaction, sustainability, innovation and design all interact with one another. Designing a community centre allowed us to use our prior knowledge related to engineering to form our final product. Overall, this experience allowed me to gain an insight into this industry which I enjoyed and am more interested in”.
-Alyssa Krikorian

Kim Featherstone

Associate | Sustainability Team Lead – Sydney

We had a very successful day in the Sydney office celebrating INWED 2018. The girls did a fantastic job coming up with creative ideas for a challenging site and scope. I believe they had fun and learnt a lot about engineering and design in just a short time. We are proud and excited to participate in the INWED campaign, raising awareness and showing what a path into STEM may look like!

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