Steve Marotta

Associate – Mission Critical Market Sector Leader

NEXTDC Data Centre Achieves 5-star Energy Rating

The NEXTDC M1 Data Centre in Port Melbourne has achieved a 5-star NABERS Energy for data centres (Infrastructure) rating. This is the first time an Australian data centre has achieved this outstanding rating and marks an important milestone for NEXTDC and their commitment to energy efficiency and the environment.

“The combination of NEXTDC’s commitment to sustainability leadership teamed with with NDY’s data centre expertise, NABERS assessor accreditation and knowledge of the ratings process, resulted in an Australian first – an exciting result which sets a new benchmark in the Australian data centre industry” says NDY mission critical market sector leader (Vic), Steve Marotta.

The NABERS energy ratings process uses benchmarking tools to measure the energy efficiency and environmental impact of each data centre. Steve says that “NDY created tools to assist in the required collection of data and helped manage the vast amount of metering information collected from NEXTDC’s Energy Management System.”

It was an amazing effort by the whole NEXTDC team to collate such a comprehensive amount of data and to ensure meters maintained their accuracy throughout the entire verification process.

“We look forward to working with the NEXTDC team in the future on more exciting projects such as M1, as they strive to break more efficiency records and create Australia’s most powerful, energy efficient and environmentally friendly data centre network!”

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