NDY staff donate to Christchurch recovery

The devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch on 22 February 2011 resulted inmultiple fatalities andcaused unprecedented widespread damage to the South Island’s largest city. The Government declared a State of National Emergency in New Zealand, nearly six months to the day after the damaging 2010 Canterbury earthquake.

Although communication was initially difficult following the earthquake, and it took many hours for a full picture of the devastation to become apparent, staff at all Norman Disney & Young (NDY) offices rallied and responded immediately to the call for contributions and donated generously.

The total contribution from staff and management exceeded $8,000 and these funds have been dispersed to the preferred charity of choice, the official NZ Government Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

The Christchurch earthquake is the region’s second major quake since the Canterbury quake and leaves the region with a massive recovery and rebuilding process. With seismology experts predicting upto four magnitude 5 aftershocks could be expected over the coming year, this recovery is very much a long-term strategy.

Prime Minister John Key stated that 22 February "may well be New Zealand’s darkest day…but what stands before us now is an enormous task. The hard work is really now just beginning, and we need your help more than ever.”

As the long and arduous road to rebuilding the city of Christchurch and the lives of its residents gets underway, donations are still welcome and can be made directly to the NZ Government Christchurch Earthquake Appeal at: www.christchurchearthquakeappeal.govt.nz

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