Mathilde Girault

Associate Fire Engineer

Understanding Egress behaviour – The Impact of Sampling Methods on Evacuation Model Convergence and Egress Time 

NDY Associate Fire Engineer Mathilde Girault has recently collaborated with Ruggiero Lovreglio from The School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Massey University, New Zealand, and Michael Spearpoint from The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Canterbury, New Zealand to publish a paper on how the sampling method chosen to model occupant behaviour directly affects the quality of the simulation.

Effective modelling is a key element in determining the efficiency in which occupants can escape the space in an emergency situation, and so this research has immense real-world benefits, and will contribute to creating a safer built environment. NDY congratulate Mathilde on her contributions to this space, and encourage everyone involved in the built environment to feel free to read the full text via the link below:

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