Madeline Homewood

NDY Mechanical Consultant


Solar lights and household essentials bring hope to some of the poorest communities

Pollinate Energy is a social enterprise that provides life-changing products to people living in urban slums in India. There are currently 65 million people living in urban slums in India, and this number is growing. These families lack access to very basic services such as clean water and electricity. Pollinate Energy’s goal is to connect people living in India’s urban slums with economically and environmentally sustainable lighting and household products.

Last year, Melbourne-based NDY mechanical consultant Madeline Homewood, had the opportunity of embarking on a Professional Fellowship with Pollinate Energy. “Through the generosity of friends, family and the NDY Charitable Trust, I raised a total of $3,800 for the cause,” says Madeline.

For the duration of the program I worked with a team to collect impact statements from the urban communities that Pollinate Energy works in. We became immersed in the communities and we met people whose lives had changed since being connected with basic amenities.

“A simple product like a solar light meant that a family could feel safer in the evening, children could continue studying once the sun had gone down and mothers and fathers had more hours of light to work to provide for their families.”

Beyond seeing the effect that Pollinate Energy has had on these families, Madeline found that the people living in these communities completely changed her perspective on what it means to be ‘poor’.

“These families may have fewer material things than us,” says Madeline, “but the sense of community, generosity and genuine kindness that I experienced while working with them meant far more than any object ever could.”

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