How one girl found her inner leader

Marisol (left) proudly displaying her certificate.

Each year, the NDY Charitable Trust sponsored charity Project SERES organizes programs for over 500 youth from El Salvador and Guatemala to help them make sustainable living a part of their daily lives and in turn help communities to support ecological resilience and environmental sustainability. In these two countries, over 65% of the population is under 30 years of age. As with all their programs, earlier this year SERES had the youth who were participating in a congress in Olintepeque, Guatemala fill out a form that asked if they were a leader.

All the young people said they considered themselves leaders except for one girl, Marisol.

Yet over the course of the program, Marisol proved she was a leader. She researched the threat of global environmental degradation to our shared health and wellbeing, and presented an impactful video to the group, explaining the depth of the problems, and possible solutions.

Guatemala and El Salvador suffer from some of the highest environmental degradation in the world, and in the last five years the impacts of climate change have been real, cruel and frighteningly rapid. Marisol is one of many youth who SERES is helping to empower and instil in them critical thinking, innovation and leadership. These youth are in a better position to influence their peers, politicians and leaders to tackle the enormous social, political and environmental problems that await them, and many go on to take on leadership roles at the local, regional and national level.

Project SERES – a 2014 winner of the Energy Globe award

SERES is a proud winner of this year’s prestigious Energy Globe award, which has as its campaign slogan, “Save the world by acting not by talking–sustainability starts with you.” The campaign is carried out under the patronage of UNESCO and in cooperation with UNEP. The winners from 165 countries were announced on World Environment Day.

About Energy Globe

A nonprofit institution that has been successfully educating via global campaigns and initiatives of the meaningful and economical use of resources and the use of renewable forms with the help of Best Practice. In the 30 years of our activities we have made important progress in this effort and have many successes on which to build.


SERES works to engage, educate and empower youth and young adults at the frontline of climate change impacts and environmental degradation to become sustainability leaders and change makers, actively working to increase awareness and education of sustainability issues at a grassroots level and engage with their communities to participate in the protection of their valuable ecosystems. Using participatory youth leadership practices, empowerment training and social/environmental action programs SERES fosters transformative leadership and encourages inspired action to work towards transforming communities for a healthy, thriving and resilient future.

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