Why sustainability is much more than green credentials

Property Council of Australia magazine recently caught up with a number of industry thought leaders to explore how sustainability affects the way in which the building sector contributes to the creation of communities. NDY global director of sustainability Tony Arnel was asked for his views on energy, waste and water efficiencies in a built environment context.

“Buildings have long been thought of as cost-effective pathways to greater efficiency regarding energy, waste and water. These ideas have broadened to include communities, where the focus is not only on resources but also healthy lifestyles, wellbeing, local employment and convenient public transport.

“As the focus shifts from individual buildings to precincts and neighbourhoods to promote sustainable living community initiatives will be a fundamental driver to deliver resources efficiency and behavioural change. Engineers have a real opportunity to show design leadership by embracing emerging and new technologies dealing with localised power, water and waste solutions. Not only can this be environmentally friendly and save money, it can also deliver increased community resilience.”

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