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Consumption of Big Data

Cameron Sandell, Global Lead – NDY Digital, recently presented to the AIRAH Big Data and Analytics Forum. His very real message for the AIRAH audience was to consider consumers of big data beyond just engineers, emphasising the thousands of individuals in a building as consumers who may have other interests in addition to engineering functions. Cameron also explored how big data and the technology that produces it can help in a post-pandemic work environment.

Big data, smart buildings, intelligent cities, smart grids, IoT, and user journeys are all buzzwords used throughout industry that have different meanings for different groups of people. In today’s age of technology revolution and connected individuals, it has never been more important to understand the crux of what big data is, what it means to stakeholders, and what it can achieve.

The power of big data is typically in the hands of systems and data integrators, but its value is in the hands of the consumer. Consumers in this context are the various users of the built environment who use the assets, created in construction, for their places of work: tenants, engineers, visitors and the public.

Creating big data from technology alone does not necessarily service these stakeholders fully, but value can be created through the blending of data from various sources inclusive of technology systems within buildings. Making use of blended data has the power to create new outcomes and thereby create new value to users. Consider the value of data outcomes that can serve the needs and desires of an administrator on the 22nd floor of a multi-story development. Chances are, that individual stakeholder is less concerned with energy dashboards and NABERS ratings than in the ability to automatically manage meeting room environments, HVAC, lighting and AV, directly from a visitor management data set. Collecting and storing data for the sake of technology deployment alone does not provide the catalyst for the delivery of suitable value to educated developers and asset owners in today’s competitive leasing and sales market.

About our Expert

Cameron Sandell

Global Lead – NDY Digital

Having worked in Building Technologies since 1991, Cameron has been exposed to the evolution of HVAC controls, through Building Management Systems and now Smart open solutions. The technology capabilities of today mean that data driven business outcomes are no longer limited to the ingestion of only built services but rather allows for the blending of data from enterprise solutions, web services and the build environment to create new insight and automation values.

Cameron has worked and lived in Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin, Singapore and Sydney, and now with a global role, brings global and shares local innovation from around the world to his collaborative global team. Having worked in Global organisations prior, Cameron is well aware of how global collaboration works, the value it brings and the challenges that need to be addressed to ensure alignment and best practice.

Cameron’s experience in building technologies includes, servicing, project delivery, design and ongoing support bringing both the theory and practical application virtues to bear on all tasks delivered. This unique blend of technical knowledge and application experience allows the best value solutions to be created and implemented. This knowledge and validation is shared within his global team to ensure consistency and pragmatism across the globe for the NDY Smart Building Team.

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