Wellington Office showing the ropes to the next generation

As part of our International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) activities, our Wellington office invited students from Wellington Girls College and St Mary’s College to their offices to participate in an engineering design challenge, and learn how a career in engineering can be a rewarding challenge.

The challenge culminated in a presentation to staff and parents, showing the university building they designed, and explaining the features and considerations they had to take into account.

The student challenge was to design and present a mixed-use community centre concept. The design concepts needed to  consider:

  • Environmental impacts
  • Building user comfort
  • Resource efficiency
  • Community benefits
  • Integration with surrounding community, infrastructure and transport.

The Students involved in the project were:

Daphney Rodrigues

Elena Heffernan

Bea Jayme

Kelsey van der Schyff

Sue Than

Ursula Crabtree

Alyssa Chin

Sophie Fay

Meg Gleadow

Yasmin Sue

Gouripriya Sobha Ayyappan

Stuart Bagley

Director – Wellington

“Reflecting on the success of the INWED 2018 day in our Wellington office, I was very impressed with the calibre of the 11 students who participated in the day and hope that one day some of these fine young Woman would be employed by NDY.  I was also hugely impressed with the effort and contribution made by the ladies at NDY Wellington to get the day set up and run so seamlessly”

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