Key People

Arif Zaher

Auckland Office Manager

As the Auckland office Director, Arif has overall responsibility for the day to day management of Norman Disney & Young’s Auckland office.

Arif is a pragmatic and strategic leader with a proven track record in driving high engagement and performance within his teams. He is passionate about driving excellence across all aspects of the business through the guidance, empowerment and development of all staff.

His experience includes an entrepreneurial angle, after being involved in the start-up of a successful business in Doha, Qatar in 2007 and subsequent exit in 2012. This taught Arif to value the importance of grit, client relationships, delivery and engineering excellence, something he uses to continually improve the business’ operation.

In addition to his office leadership role, Arif is also responsible for leading the NDY Acoustics Group globally, and is tasked with implementing the strategic direction of the Acoustics group. His direction also aligns with the NDY Group strategy, and he is responsible for monitoring the growth of the team within the business unit and against the strategic plan targets.

Arif’s proactive and determined approach sees him involved on projects at all phases, focusing on enduring business relationships and quality project outcomes.