Key People

Frank Italia

Director – BIM & Digital Engineering

Frank is a Director at NDY and has been at the forefront of technology driven change initiatives.

Frank first joined NDY in 1986, and following a three-year stint at Siemens starting in 1992 working within the technology support and development group, returned to NDY in 1995.

For over 20 years Frank has been instrumental in shaping NDY’s global use of Technology to improve internal processes and client-related projects.

Frank’s practical approach and understanding of the design consultancy practice and the application of technology has been key to NDY’s successful implementation of key initiatives including the global ERP system.

Frank is responsible for the firm’s strategic direction of Information Technology with a particular focus on new technologies such as BIM and Design Automation. His extensive knowledge in this area has seen him play an instrumental role on NDY’s major BIM Projects. Frank is passionate about implementing technology solutions that contribute to workflow innovation and the development of cutting edge deliverables for our clients.

With over 25 years experience in Design and Information Technology within the consulting industry he is always looking to stay ahead of the curve. Frank is heavily involved in the research and development streams of our business with a current focus on how new technologies such as Design Automation, Big Data concepts, Deep Learning and Immersive Visualisation Platforms such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can be adapted into the design process.