Chelsea Harbour Design CentreLondon, UK

NDY (Norman Disney & Young) were appointed to replace the centralised heating system serving this 66,000ft2 iconic retail destination.

The existing plant was over 25 years old – NDY reviewed the existing installation determined that modernisation was necessary to enable reliable, flexible and efficient on-going operation.

Key features:

  • The controls strategy was overhauled to reduce pumping energy
  • Modular boilers were installed to enable high seasonal efficiencies, greater turndown and redundancy
  • Stainless steel manifolds, side-stream filtration and vacuum degassing were installed to improve closed-loop water quality
  • New MEP&F systems were installed throughout the plantroom
  • The plant layout was rearranged to improve access, maintainability and installation of future plant.

Through heat load calculations and site inspections, NDY determined that a reduction in demand was appropriate as some tenant VRF installations had been installed thereby enabling smaller centralised heating plant to be installed; improving low load efficiencies, reducing local generation of pollutants and reducing capital expenditure.

Metering and local digital controls were added to improve energy management and fault monitoring.

Rigorous validations were undertaken by the team before plant installation to reduce project risk and provide benchmarking.

The new system delivers improved control, performance visibility and reduced energy usage.

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