Ormiston Town CentreAuckland, New Zealand

Ormiston Town Centre is a new retail development aimed at catering to the expanding Ormiston residential zone.

The centre will provide:

  • supermarkets,
  • large chain retail & speciality retail,
  • food and beverage tenancies,
  • commercial space,
  • recreational facilities, and
  • car parking.

The site will become a social and retail focal point for the area and will provide a village type atmosphere, with weekend farmers markets and community enrichment programs.

Key Features/Innovation

  • Efficient central plant for heating and cooling
  • State of the art communications/ICT infrastructure to support the retail experience
  • High-end food and beverage tenancies aimed at maximising the location
  • Village atmosphere aimed to enhance community engagement

Other Project Information

Construction Value: NZD 300M
Architect: Jasmax Ltd and NH Group Pty Ltd
Project Manager: RCP Ltd
Completion: expected March 2018

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