Qantas Hangar 2Brisbane, Australia

Due to aircraft requirements, it was decided by Qantas to refurbish an existing hangar. However, this hangar was constructed in the 1970s, so the services within the space required a complete overhaul to satisfy the requirements of modern aircraft. It was also a requirement that utmost flexibility was required for servicing various types of aircraft at an agreed budget whilst satisfying all applicable standards.

All members of the project team worked closely to achieve these requirements by designing:

  • A new foam fire system was designed to satisfy the various aircraft types. The new system also includes spare capacity to allow expansion to other hangars when required.
  • Flexible electrical and mechanical systems were designed for portable docking systems. These systems can be interconnected between sections of dock as required.
  • Aircraft interior ventilation systems were catered for by mobile units, which allow the user to position portable mechanical plant as required to suit the docked aircraft type. These systems can also be used within other hangars if required.
  • Smart oil/water collection systems were designed to separate oil and water discharges, ensuring captured water for possible future re-use.

The implementation of the above designs required the evaluation of a number of available systems from an end-user perspective, budget constraints and flexibility. Each selected final system satisfied each of the initial client requirements.

Other Project Information:

Construction Value: $12,000,000
Architect: Alasdair MacDonald Architects
Project Manager: Point Project Management

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