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As a global engineering consultancy, we are passionate about providing solutions that improve the value, reliability and efficiency of our clients’ projects, and the broader built environment.

Our people are key to our success. They are experts on understanding your specific requirements and key objectives, and getting to the heart of your project. Our collaborative design approach takes into account commercial, environmental and technical considerations, as well as your personal aspirations to achieve the desired outcomes.

When partnering with NDY, your project benefits from our adoption of the latest technologies throughout the entire delivery chain: from original concepts and design, through to construction and post-occupancy improvements.

Our core engineering services are enhanced by specialist consulting services including ICT, electronic security, BMS (Building Management Systems), performance based fire engineering, acoustics and architectural creative lighting. Our consultants are industry thought leaders and provide you with the most current methodologies, resulting in time and cost savings for your project.

In January 2018, NDY greatly expanded this engineering and design expertise by joining Tetra Tech, Inc., a global alliance offering consulting, engineering, and technical services. With a purpose of ‘Leading with Science’, and 21,000 associates in 450 offices around the globe, Tetra Tech enhances NDYs delivery of smart and sustainable solutions to clients through a much larger global network of experts.

Sustainable solutions and the design of energy efficient systems provide further benefit to your project, translating to direct operational savings for you and your asset. Our clients’ benefit from our dedication to reliable service and responsible business practice – financial, environmental and social sustainability is embedded in everything we do.

From a design and documentation perspective, we are considered a leader in the integration of spatial requirements within a 3D environment. With our application of BIM (Building Information Modelling) technologies, and our in-house software development, we deliver coordinated 3D spatial solutions, exchange information, and collaborate with project managers, architects, cost consultants, programmers/schedulers and facilities managers to provide a fully integrated BIM model.

When it comes to optimal performance of your facility, NDY also has a close association with ECS (Engineering Commissioning Services), a company exclusively focused on all aspects of Services Engineering Commissioning. ECS manages the commissioning process and works closely with builders and contractors to achieve premium optimisation of services and technologies for your asset.

With NDY, you have access to a broad suite of services and solutions, and our technical proficiency and quality documentation will ensure your project’s success.

Ultimately, it’s our ability to understand your business and your requirements that is our greatest asset. By closely collaborating with you, we look forward to Making Spaces Work on your next project.




  • Our people are key to our success. They are experts on understanding the specific requirements of diverse industries and project types. Our people embody the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct and look to implement best practice solutions for the long-term resilience of projects.
  • We foster collaborative and long-term relationships with clients, and recognise that the foundation of these relationships is trust. We earn this client trust by being reliable, responsive and commercial with our advice.
  • Our people are highly regarded for technical excellence and their ability to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions. Ultimately, it’s our ability to understand your business and your requirements that is our greatest asset.

Over our long history we have built strong relationships with clients. We recognise that the foundation of all relationships is trust. Trust is earned through dedication and hard work. Our commitment to clients remains consistent throughout all phases of a project.

Our client-facing philosophy is based on understanding. We fully appreciate all client requirements and are aware of how they can best be met. Clear briefs are important for all jobs.

Our skills are wide-ranging. We are known for our technical excellence and ability to innovate. Clients come to NDY because they want the best. They come to us because they know that our people will work closely with them.

At NDY, sustainability is a core value. We believe deeply in adhering to best practice solutions in sustainable design and work with clients to ensure all aspects of sustainability are considered.






Throughout its history, Norman Disney & Young has been committed to giving back to the community in a number of ways. This commitment to charitable causes has inspired the establishment of the NDY Charitable Trust which looks to provide support to communities in need.

For further information about the NDY Charitable Trust, visit: www.ndycharitabletrust.org

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