Norman Disney & Young (NDY) was part of the design team delivering the National Aquatic Centre for the AUT Millennium Ownership Trust (AMOT) in Auckland.

NDY provided the electrical and mechanical services design for the 25 metre ‘Learn to Swim’ pool and also a 50 metre FINA standard competition swimming pool.

The project included the following:

  • 50 metre long Olympic swimming pool
  • 25 metre long ‘Learn to Swim’ pool
  • Two levels of spectator seating
  • Pool control services including heating and filtration systems
  • HVAC and smoke control systems.

Auxiliary amenities included race control, changing rooms, toilets and shower facilities.

NDY completed CFD studies to confirm the location of diffusers near the spectator areas to achieve the required comfort levels.

Innovative lighting design delivered specific vertical and horizontal illumination levels that are acceptable for FINA events, particularly at the end of the 50 metre pool for starting and finishing verification of races.