Monash University Woodside Building For Technology & Design, VicMelbourne

Monash University’s Woodside Building for Technology and Design is a landmark that establishes new standards in physical educational environments, with student centered learning through a blended strategy where technology is used to enable active learning. Via a partnership with Woodside Energy, the building brings together the faculties of Engineering and Information Technology, students, researchers, academics and staff, fostering applied academic integration and helping educate students whilst engaging in the development of new and innovative approaches to sustainable energy technology.

As a ‘Living Laboratory’ and designed on Passive House metrics, the building takes advantage of numerous connected devices, allowing the technology to smart schedule formal and informal learning spaces, automatically detect presence and enable the use of equipment based on individual preferences whilst overseeing power, lighting and cooling to these spaces to improve operational performance. Visual access to plant and equipment rooms enables students and researchers to see into the building and how it functions as a learning tool and platform for innovation.

The 19,000 sq m building is spread across five floors and more than 30 learning and teaching spaces including large flat floor areas, laboratories, informal learning and an interactive tiered collaboration space accommodating 360 people. A four story glazed atrium with an open tiered amphitheatre connects all levels. Teaching spaces feature glazing, embracing daylight and activating the entire building and surrounding precinct whilst incorporating the latest in large format, ultra-high definition LED display screen technology to provide exceptional picture quality consistently and without the need to darken rooms or draw blinds.

The building is inspired by the future, with its diverse interior promoting pedagogical and technological innovation, and achieving an environmental performance that establishes a new benchmark for Australian education facilities.

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