Our people are our greatest asset

Our people are key to our success. They are experts on understanding the specific requirements of diverse industries and project types. This depth of talent and experience across our international footprint allows NDY to undertake the most challenging projects, and to deliver successful commercial, environmental and technical outcomes.

We foster collaborative and long-term relationships with clients, and recognise that the foundation of these relationships is trust. We earn this client trust by being reliable, responsive and commercially astute with our advice.

Our successful approach is based on listening to our clients and understanding their business. We look to embrace client requirements by understanding how our advice and designs will provide best value to their projects.

Whilst our technical, documentation and consulting abilities are first class, we embrace our role as an innovator, and not a follower, of trends. We fund research and development activities in all key NDY services and support our people on the journey of continual professional development.

Our people embody the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct and look to implement best practice solutions in sustainable design, for the long-term resilience of projects.

Talented individuals look to join the NDY group because they want to be a part of a highly regarded brand, and because they want to work with the best clients on meaningful projects across international locations.

The prospect of working alongside industry thought leaders, our technical excellence, and our industry-leading approach to corporate social responsibility, makes NDY a beacon for top tier talent.

In January 2018, NDY greatly expanded its engineering and design resources by joining Tetra Tech, Inc., a global alliance offering consulting, engineering, and technical services. With a purpose of ‘Leading with Science’, and more than 16,000 associates in 400 offices around the globe, Tetra Tech enhances NDY’s delivery of smart and sustainable solutions to clients through a much larger global network of experts.

Our Purpose, Vision and Values

Our Purpose


Our Vision

To enhance the lives of others, by engineering outstanding projects, mindful that every project matters.

To sustain deep and trusting relationships with our clients, through solving their problems and serving them with utmost reliability, and

To engage our people with meaningful, rewarding and inspiring opportunities.

Our Values

  • Excellence: do it once, do it well
  • Leadership: lead in our profession, industry and the community
  • Integrity: treat others as we wish to be treated
  • Collaboration: listen, share and contribute
  • Accountability & Ownership: understand the impact of our actions and own the outcomes
  • Innovation: inspired creativity to challenge the norm

Our Ethical Statement

Norman Disney & Young has a proud tradition of upholding the highest ethical standards in the manner by which we conduct ourselves as a company. Internally, this has been captured in the six Values launched in 2011. For our clients and the broader market, we have assembled an Ethical Statement that we believe embodies the operating principles that guide us in our actions every day.

Our Policies

Reinforcing our Purpose, Vision and Values, NDY has crystallised its approach to Quality, Environment, Safety and Sustainability through the creation of transparent Data Privacy, IMS and Sustainability Policies. 

These policies outline our objectives across these areas and our commitment to delivering against these in every aspect of our business operation and project delivery.


We acknowledge the need to ensure that our solutions are environmentally responsible. As experts in energy efficiency, we have a long history in helping to make the planet more ecologically sustainable. This is a responsibility we take seriously. Importantly, it is not one we see as being at cross purposes with cost effectiveness. At NDY, we believe that sustainability makes good business sense.

We take an all encompassing view of sustainability; it is about much more than just sound environmental management. A sustainable solution is one which is environmentally, socially and professionally responsible. For NDY, the need to be ‘sustainable’ is ingrained in our culture. We seek to incorporate sustainable principles into the running of our own business and actively encourage our clients to do the same.

As part of our ongoing commitment, NDY produces a regular magazine that showcases our key projects in the area of sustainable design and provides insight into market and government trends in the area of sustainability. Copies of Lifecycle are available for download here.

At NDY, we are committed to corporate social responsibility and triple bottom line reporting. We have a long-held environmental policy, which recognises our own environmental obligations.

Meeting, and where appropriate, exceeding international legislation and regulatory codes of practice.

  • Raising the environmental awareness of our staff and clients through the promotion of NDY Environment and by recognising the need to move towards an environmentally sustainable future.
  • Instituting and promoting recycling programs within our offices to limit NDY’s impact on the use of natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable, and to maximise the efficiency with which they are used.
  • Fostering and promoting environmental awareness of our staff through training, staff participation in conferences and research and development initiatives.
  • Applying sound environmental practices to all projects where feasible and practical to do so.
  • Reducing the impacts of the firm through proactive waste avoidance, waste reduction, reuse and recycling initiatives of consumables.
  • Utilising service, equipment or resource materials providers who can demonstrate a proactive approach to ESD throughout their business.

Environmental initiatives are implemented and continually improved through the international standard ISO 14001.

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