Tim is the Global Technical Manager for the NDY Acoustics team - in charge of maintaining the highest level of technical competence and quality of deliverables across the wider NDY group. With more than 14 years of exclusive acoustic engineering experience behind him, he has lead a wide variety of projects, particularly in the fields of building and environmental acoustics, spatial acoustics and vibration analysis. He has been called upon to act as an expert witness in several hearings. Although currently residing in Auckland, Tim spent several successful years managing the Melbourne NDY Acoustics team, gaining a wealth of experience working on high profile projects across Australia. Tim is passionate about acoustics and is currently the Acoustical Society of New Zealand’s North Island Vice President. In 2018, he was the chief organiser and chair of the Society’s well-attended Auckland conference. As a lead design engineer, Tim is known to provide practical advice, and effectively collaborate with architects, engineers, contractors and others on the project team to achieve coordinated solutions which function acoustically, yet achieve the goals of the client and end users.

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