At NDY, we believe all roles, no matter how senior, can flex, for any reason.  Flexibility is not a ‘nice to have’ but is a fundamental part of the way we do business. NDY recognise that flexibility is critical to workplace productivity, inclusion and satisfaction.  Everyone has a part to play in making flexible working a reality – individuals managing their own work/life wellbeing, managers recognising the benefits of flexible working and colleagues being supportive of their workmates’ arrangements.

Flexible Work Options

Your flexible work arrangements may be one or a combination of the following:

Flexi-Time – flexibility in your start, finish and break times. This also includes the flexibility to work full or part time or via a job share arrangement.

Flexi-Place – working your normal hours at a location other than your primary workplace

Flexi-Leave – There are many types of leave available to help you maintain a healthy work/life balance and support you through various life events. Leave options may include defence leave, leave without pay, parental leave, study leave and special leave. NDY also offer purchased leave, so that you can purchase additional time away from work.

Flexi-Study – NDY have a formal study policy that provides paid time off to support tertiary or post-graduate studies.

Flexi-Dress – NDY’s ‘Dress for your day’ approach gives our people the freedom to use their professional judgement to determine what they wear to work to suit their commitments on any given day.

Technology Support for Flexibility

A majority of our staff work remotely to some degree.  NDY ensure we provide the technology to support remote working arrangements.  So too, for office-based work, staff are able to work wirelessly to give them the freedom to utilise the work setting that is most efficient for their work day, allowing staff to move around and still be online. You’ve the autonomy to create your own effective working environment.

Family Care & Flexibility

NDY is committed to promoting a culture which supports the needs and career aspirations of employees with families. We recognise that caring and family responsibilities are interwoven into your daily life and can’t be confined to your personal time.  As an NDY employee, you and your family can benefit from our flexible working options.

Transfer & Relocation Support

During your career, you may undertake a different role which may involve moving to another location, and may be initiated by you or us. NDY encourage and support a mobile workforce and the career opportunities this brings for NDY and our people.