Sean Treweek

Director - Markets & Strategy

MBA, MComLaw, MDesSc, BEng, F.IEAUST Eng Exec, F.AIRAH, CPEng, NER

Sean sets NDY’s strategy for each of our market sectors through the development and delivery of market specific growth strategies, as well as driving the implementation of NDY’s broader business-wide strategic framework, across the global NDY business. This includes the stewardship and development of NDY’s team of specialist sector leaders in the pursuit and execution of strategic projects for our clients around the World.

Sean has extensive experience in executing strategic initiatives at board, executive and CEO level across the engineering and construction sectors. His interpersonal and management skills in parallel with a client-centric approach, ensure his projects are delivered successfully and to the client and key stakeholder’s expectations.

Sean has the proven ability to forge and sustain high performance teams, delivering consistent results against challenging targets and engendering business resilience through the generational leadership development.