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Elzine specialises in influencing the design of complex passive design systems to aid the delivery of energy efficient and sustainable building projects. Her use of parametric analysis is essential to providing advice in the design of high-performance building facades and has a unique skill set to provide consultation during early stages of design using state-of-the-art modelling techniques. Her relationship within the design team offers her a unique vantage point to also act as the Green Star Accredited Professional on the project at hand. Elzine has worked on international projects for much of her career, including in NZ, USA, Dubai, and most recently Australia. Elzine is pioneering the state-of-the-art approach of Building Performance Sketching, complemented by a wide range of consulting roles. Her early-design consultation experience includes a variety of building types including solar radiation studies for the façade of high-rise skyscrapers, natural ventilation and daylight implementation strategies in libraries, thermal comfort and glare/visual comfort in airports and overall energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction work for defence projects.

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