NDY knows that the best discussions, thinking and productivity occurs when there is diversity and genuine inclusion within a business.

Many high-profile conferences, events and taskforces lack gender balance, despite there often being no shortage of expert women.

In Australia, the ‘2019 Women for Media Report’ estimated that only 30% of panelists are women.  Less than 12% of experts cited in business newspapers are women.

This situation has consequences. By not providing qualified women the opportunity for consideration to present at conferences and sit on panels, we also inhibit their opportunity for recognition, experience and profile-building.

To improve this statistic and bring about equal gender representation, the Panel Pledge initiative was developed in partnership with The Women’s Leadership Institute Australia, Chief Executive Women and the Male Champions of Change. The Pledge seeks to promote the importance of diversity at any public forum, and highlight that the absence of qualified women speakers at any event not only limits perspectives, but restricts the overall quality of the conversation.

Here at NDY, we are passionate about and committed to promoting gender equality in all areas. Our tangible actions and achievements in recent years have seen us recognised since 2018 by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality. We have set measurable targets to track our progress towards achieving gender balance and closing the gender pay gap, and believe this Panel Pledge provides us with another opportunity to support equality in a practical, achievable manner.

Achieving gender equality and maintaining an inclusive culture enables diversity of thought, decision making and ultimately better business outcomes. In turn, this will assist us to build sustainable and valuable relationships with our employees, clients, shareholders and suppliers, as well as with governments and the broader community.

“At NDY, we are committed to gender equality and aim to maintain a gender-aware and gender-responsive culture.”

Stuart Fowler, Chief Executive Officer, NDY [A Tetra Tech Company]

Business leaders who sign the pledge commit that whenever they are invited to be involved in or sponsor a panel or conference, they will inquire about organiser efforts to ensure women leaders are represented. NDY has taken the Panel Pledge to ensure there is gender balance in the panels and forums that we participate in.

To find out more about how your organisation can take the Panel Pledge you can download the guide here, or watch the video on the right.

Upholding Our Pledge

The actions that NDY Panel Pledgers undertake when organising or being asked to participate in a public forum include the following:

  • When we are invited to speak at or participate in a public forum or event, we let organisers know that we have taken the Pledge.
  • We ask who the other panelists, speakers or participants are and how gender diversity has been considered.
  • NDY may suggest women from our networks or point to resources available to identify women speakers.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw from an event in the instance gender diversity is not addressed, either through actions taken to improve diversity or the achievement of gender balance.
  • NDY aims to ensure that all professional forums organised or sponsored by NDY take gender diversity of speakers into account from the commencement of any planning processes.