Caring responsibilities can be tough! Whether you are caring for an elderly parent, a dependent living with disability or physical/mental illness, drug/alcohol addiction, are parenting young children or juggling any combination of these, the NDY Carers program aims to provide NDY staff with practical support, as they face the variety of caring and work/life balance challenges these responsibilities bring.

What is ‘NDY Carers’ all about?

NDY has established a carer policy and action plan which sets out our commitments to supporting Carers and outlining the various supports that we offer to combine work with care.

A Carer Passport has been developed for NDY Carers to use, in conversation with their manager, as a means of providing structure and certainty regarding flexibility and other supports required to balance their work and caring commitments.   The Carer Passport provides a document to record agreed solutions to those needs and enables this information to travel with the Carer if they change roles or line manager.  Carer Passport conversations involve balancing the needs of the employee with the needs of NDY, within existing company policies, such as the terms of the NDY Flexible Work Arrangements Policy & Procedure and other regional leave policies.

An NDY Carer Network has been established to provide practical peer-to-peer support and information for Carers and works with NDY’s People & Culture team to raise awareness about caring issues and the promotion of Carer-friendly policies and practices at NDY.