Norman Disney & Young, A Tetra Tech Company, (NDY) has been awarded the Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency Australia. NDY has been recognized for its commitment – and proactive contribution to gender diversity – one of only 141 organisations within Australia to have been awarded this citation.

“This citation recognizes our genuine commitment to gender equality, and best practice in promoting and addressing gender issues; business critical issues that I am very proud NDY has addressed in a meaningful way,”
says NDY CEO Stuart Fowler.

In July 2018 NDY successfully launched a number of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives to further support and nurture an inclusive workplace for employees. These included formalising a D&I policy, establishing a D&I working group, revamping Flexible Working and Parental Leave policies, launching Purchased Leave, Unconscious Bias e-learning and the firm’s first ever Inclusion Survey.

NDY has been recognized for its commitment – and proactive contribution to gender diversity – one of only 141 organisations within Australia to have been awarded this citation.

Fowler is very pleased to see that these initiatives have been “welcomed by our people with a significant uptake in staff being able to work more flexibly, and purchase additional leave, to balance work and personal life. Since launch, nearly 10% of our Australian employee population have started a new formal flexible work arrangement and 8% of our global employee base purchased additional leave.”

NDY continues its focus on building a more gender equal organisation through initiatives like promoting and celebrating IWD, INWED, increasing its technical female intake (especially through the graduate pipeline), and promoting STEM participation through all levels of education.

“I’m so pleased that our genuine efforts and commitment have been recognized by this Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation,” says Fowler. “This is something we can all be proud of in contributing to gender equality and continues to strengthen our Employee Value Proposition.”

What Employer of Choice for gender equality means to our people

‘With my recent new position on the Perth office executive team, and looking after the People portfolio, diversity and inclusion plays a key part in activating people and creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. NDY is definitely an ‘Employer of Choice’ for me and their variety of initiatives and a strategic roadmap has enabled me as a mother of two young girls to work flexibly and inclusively. I’m very grateful for all the opportunities and support that they’ve provided me. I enjoy working with a team that is diverse and passionate.’

Renee Fourie
Senior Associate – Electrical Section Manager

“Parental leave was so important for me – spending extra time with our 2-year-old daughter when our son was born was really special. NDY’s Diversity & Inclusion policy is seen as really important by everyone in our Sustainability group.”

Tim Bush
Associate – Melbourne Sustainability Manager

“The flexibility to work from home, and to have the support of my manager for flexible working arrangements, has made a significant difference to my work-life balance since returning to work from maternity leave. I’m proud to be working for an organisation that gives opportunities for its people to grow and take on new challenges regardless of their working arrangements.”

Catarina Nava
Hydraulics Section Manager

“A flexible work environment lets me balance being a good father, husband, and employee. I’m able to work remotely and flex my time to pick my son up from day care. It’s really empowering to work for an employer of choice that provides flexibility and equal opportunities to all staff.”


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