“At Norman Disney & Young (NDY) we believe that fully embracing the skills, experience and knowledge of a diverse workforce, enables us to lead in our industry, and maintain our reputation for innovation and excellence.

We are actively investing in and supporting initiatives aimed at directly increasing the diversity of our talent pool, which we believe leads us to achieve better business outcomes.

During this week, when our Sydney team celebrates the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, we are pleased to announce the launch of NDY PRIDE.

NDY PRIDE aims to support our LGBTIQ employees by improving networks for our LGBTIQ team members, providing dedicated and focussed resources, and increasing visibility of NDY employee diversity on the basis of gender identity and sexuality.

NDY PRIDE is a key part of our Group Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, which aims to attract and retain the best talent, supporting improved diversity at NDY and therefore, in turn, across the engineering industry more broadly.”

Stuart Fowler
CEO, Norman Disney & Young [a Tetra Tech Company]

The aims of NDY PRIDE are to:

  1. Connect, support, and inspire the career development of LGBTIQ+ people across NDY globally
  2. Provide a platform to share information regarding upcoming internal and external events and initiatives relevant to our LGBTIQ+ team members
  3. Increase the visibility of LGBTIQ+ populations at NDY, and in turn, better reflect the communities we work in and for
  4. Provide support and assistance for staff who are in or connected to the LGBTIQ+ community
  5. Share ideas that will influence positive change towards achieving greater diversity, inclusion, and participation for sexuality and gender diverse people within our industry.

If you are unsure what LGTBIQ+ stands for:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer. There are a number of similar acronyms used to describe sexuality and gender diverse communities, and our intent is to be inclusive of anyone who would find engaging with our activities in this area beneficial.

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