The return of our annual sustainability reporting communicates a step change in NDY’s efforts to becoming a more sustainable organisation, while continuing to deliver innovative, leading and sustainable outcomes for our clients through their projects.

NDY’s ESG priorities identified in this reporting period are informed by listening to our clients, and engaging with stakeholder groups and staff at various points along our journey over the last 12-18 months. They capture our current efforts and forward commitments to reduce our impact on the environment, nurture our people, and engage with our communities and supply chains.

Our 2021 report serves as the reference point for measuring ongoing ESG commitments, as we accelerate our efforts in this decade of change. Importantly, our report highlights the enormous efforts from staff across all our operating regions and levels to drive positive change: both within our business and for our valued clients.

The report outlines our top five ESG priorities and the steps we have taken toward achieving them. Our priorities are:

Organisations have an essential role to play in helping our world achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

NDY supports global progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly as these relate to our business practices and operations.

Material ESG Issues for our Business

In parallel with the SDG’s, NDY has determined environmental and social issues that are material to track and report performance against to ensure our continued long-term success. Our priorities are those that have the highest likelihood and consequence of impacting our business; and our ability to create value for our people, clients, and communities.

Our ESG priorities form the basis for communicating our goal of continual improvement.

Stakeholder Engagement

We continuously engage with our stakeholders and use these views, together with research and evidence, to maintain a register of the material risks and opportunities that influence our ability to deliver on our vision and purpose. Key Performance Indicators that address material issues are included in the objectives of our CEO, Leadership Team and other relevant executives, and are directly linked to financial outcomes as part of their performance.

Client ESG Business Considerations

As a global consulting firm NDY’s project portfolio spans several industry sectors and regions, and our client ESG business considerations vary. We embrace our role in working closely with our clients to determine how their physical, technological and community assets can benefit long-term business performance.

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