NEXTDC M1 Data CentrePort Melbourne

The NEXTDC M1 data centre is designed for its staff as much as it is for the critical IT services that it maintains. When the ASX300-listed technology company recently decided that the acoustic properties of its spacious foyer needed to be tamed, NDY was engaged for their expertise.

Due to smooth and acoustically reflective finishes of the foyer, the space was prone to reverberant noise build up which created an uncomfortable environment for NEXTDC guests and made hosting tours of the space troublesome.

The client was also keen to implement a solution that did not interfere or clash with the existing interior fitout and was within a suitable budget. In conjunction with the client and suppliers, NDY developed a solution that dampened reverberation and enhanced the M1 experience. Computer modelling of the reception area was a key component to determine the acoustic absorption required to reduce the reverberation time to a suitable level in the reception area.

The solution was a floating cloud installation and seamless integration of acoustic wall panels that works to dramatically reduce the reverberation. The installation is multi-faceted: it is visually interesting, a conversation starter, aligns with the foyers original design and most importantly it works well technically to mitigate the original issue of reverberation. The acoustic design also acts as a metaphor for NEXTDC’s business, which is centered on IT, data and cloud computing solutions.

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