World Green Building Week starts today and is an annual event that motivates and engages us all to deliver greener buildings.

According to former NDY Global Sustainability Director, Professor Tony Arnel, the built environment including the homes we live in account for around 40% of global energy consumption.

Arnel says “We can all do something to improve the buildings we work in, live in or play in. That’s why World Green Building Week is for everyone, not just those involved in building design and management.”

This year the World Green Building Council (WGBC) is challenging everyone to start with the homes they live in. We can all do something that will have an impact resulting in a more energy efficient, greener and sustainable healthy home.

According to the WGBC making the world greener starts at home.

The average global electricity consumption per household is 3,500 kwh – that’s 2.6 metric tons of CO2 or the same as 6,384 miles driven by an average car. If we all reduced our consumption by 20% that would deliver a saving of just over half a metric ton of CO2 per household – that’s the equivalent of 1,277 miles of driving or 21.5 propane cylinders used for home barbecues. Check out this handy calculator  and work out your carbon footprint. How do you stack up?

Everyone can do something to make their home greener. We can’t change the world overnight, but we can all do our bit, however small you start. You can save energy and money, create a healthier space to live in and make the planet a greener, better, safer home for generations to come. It’s easy when you know how.

The WGBC has published an online article for how to get involved this week. According to Professor Arnel one of the everyday activities we can take is how we share knowledge with family, friends and colleagues.

Go to #HomeGreenHomePromise and make an immediate difference.

At NDY, at all our offices around the world, we are engaged in the design and operation of green buildings every day. Producing energy efficient, cost saving, quality buildings is what we do. Using the latest in intelligent design, leading edge technology and our experience is how we deliver client outcomes which push the boundaries of sustainability to the leading edge of green and save our clients’ money.

Some of our recent examples:

PICAC, Narre Warren

NDY is delivering Australia’s fIrst net zero energy education facility at Narre Warren north of Melbourne. It features a unique mix of geothermal and solar applications, and has attracted a $500,000 grant from ARENA to be used as a future demonstration project. Click for further information

Capital Square, Perth

Capital Square in Perth has achieved a 6 star “As Built” Green Star rating, setting new standards for commercial sustainability innovation and occupant experience. “The documentation included a whole of lifecycle assessment of the entire building that demonstrated the benefits of specific design elements, as well as determining any potential negative environmental impacts in the short-, medium- and long-term of the building’s lifecycle.” – NDY sustainability leader Leigh Gibb. Click for further information

Barangaroo, Sydney

Sustainability has become a key consideration in the modern office fitout. Besides the environmental concerns, reducing waste and improving efficiency can be beneficial to lowering operational costs. This is why it is so significant that Westpac Group’s fit-out in Tower Two of Barangaroo’s International Towers Sydney has achieved a 6 Star Green Star Interiors rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). The project received the highest number of Green Star points achieved by any office fit-out in Australia. Click for further information

Finally, go to your Green Building Council websites, whether you are in UK, NZ, Canada or Australia. There are various events this week which (as GBC members) you may wish to be part of.

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